New Work on Wednesday


Monstroctopus order! I also put up a listing for a remade version of it on my shop.

Kittysaurus for a trade with marymaryhandmade! It stands at abboout 7 inches tall, 11 inches long.

 Better picture of Superboy & Robin!  Also added the cape! Now off to their new home. :)

Work in progress! Almost done plush version of my friends creature, Bobo.  Just gotta attach the limbs & add the doll joints. :D

SNEAK PEEK at the plush I'm working on for The Last Unicorn Art show coming up in April!  I'm really excited about them!  I think I may make the butterfly a whole separate plush instead of it being part of the unicorn as well.

Also designed this for a tshirt I'm working on with my friend Jake to be put out soon!  Updates with colors later!

That's it for now!  Next week I'll have more finished work to show (I hope!)

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