Ahhhh beautiful day!


Took most of the day off from sewing anything because it was SO DAMN WONDERFUL OUT!
Went into the woods with the pup and took a bunch of pictures there/in our backyard. :D

The camera died a little bit after that, but then I got a new battery & took pictures with my new tripod while we hung out in the beautiful beautiful sun.  Man I missed it.
Good good good lovely wonderful fun. :D

Also made these animations from pictures today hahaha love themm


I also wanted to post about the Plush Team book, but since this post is so hugely full of pictures, I'll wait till later to do that!
Now off to CT to hang out with family & friends for Easter.  See you Monday for Monster & Muisc Monday!

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Aw the pic of dave and weeko is so cute!
See ya tomorrow weeee

These are hilarious!

And definitely in keeping with the mood yesterday! Everyone was out and jumping around!!!

Your grass looks like the grass around here though, zombie grass... trying to raise from the dead XD I can't wait till everything turns *really* green again!!!

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