Monster & Music Monday!


I wanted to start having a biweekly update where I have specific things I talk about, starting now!  So every Monday I want to talk about music & monsters!  I'll feature some of my favorite monsters I've found online, and then post an 8 track mix of some of my favorite music from the week. :)  Sound good?

I also wanted to do another one where I give tips on sewing & giving resources for stitches, fabric & other things (Tips Tuesday?  Sewing Saturday? Suggestions?)

One thing I love doing to check out new peoples work is going into the Plush section of Etsy & clicking the tag of "monster" & just looking through.  For this first update I'm just going to share monsters I found while searching monster on Etsy!

Morninglori is someone who's work I've always looked up to!  I love her combination of prints with the faux fur lining the back.  Her designs are so simple but really memorable & unique. :D

Angdavidson... pretty much amazing.  All knit squid monster, that's HUGE.  Over 4 1/2 feet long!  This is just so so cool.  I love the mix & match color schemes of all her work, so beautiful.

Diane Koss is one of the hardest working plush makers I think I've ever seen!  Everything she makes is handsewn with so much love, and every  monster is big!  This guy for example is 18" tall and 14" across!  All her monsters are fantastic, but I was drawn to this one specifically because the fur reminds me of the night sky.

Pipapiep!  She is amazing (I think they're a she.)  It was hard to choose just one of her needle-felted goodnesses to feature because they're all so different!  Definitely check out her shop & see some of the monstery needle-felted scenes she does as well!

I follow Grelinmachin on deviantart because I love her creations!  They're so imaginative & silly looking, & always have some sort of blank-eyed goofy expression on their faces that I loove.

& now for the music part, this is a small 8 track mix of the music that inspires me or gets me moving while I'm creating!  Try giving it a listen while you work on things. :)

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My ideas sorted and stuffs:

Terrific Tuesday: I have no idea what this would be about.
Terrible Tuesday: ... You would complain about stuff?
Toy Tuesday: I'm just making up names for them now huh?

Weird Wednesday: Nope not a clue.
Wonderful Wednesday: I make the names, not the reasons.
Woeful Wednesday: List your woes. Oh woe is me.

Giveaway Thursday: I like this one~ You could list a giveaway every thursday~ :D But that might be a bit much...
Thankful Thursday: Thank people?
Thoughtful Thursday: Pretty much the same as the giveaway I guess. But a better name!

Fantastic Friday: I am just FULL of fantabulous words aren't I?
Fantabulous Friday: Oh yes. It's awesome.
Fried day: NOT PUNS!!!

Sucky Saturday: Boo.
Soot Saturday: I. Don't. Know.
Sundae Saturday: You could list all sorts of sweet shop plush things that are cute~

And for sunday you could use the first part of the saturday ideas.
I was also thinking that you could have MONTHLY things as well! I don't know what these would be though. Here are some name ideas anyway:
Jester January: Time for hilarious pranks and terrible puns!
Fantastic February: You could use these months as giveaway things. I don't know. I just make names.
Mad March: Wacky!
Adventure April: Adventure Time is coming out this month!!!!!! :D
Moody May: You won't like me when I'm angsty.
Joker June: Maybe I'm not so good at this....
Jackal July: It's not a jackal.
Amazing August: Whee!!
Super September: Woosh.
Never, Never, Ever, Say November: whut?
Dumber December: Duuuhh.....

And now you're probably tired of reading my ramblings. X3

Well, whatever day you decide to do it, a tips and resources post would be massively appreciated.

I really enjoyed Monster and Music Monday.

Really helpful, thanks Muffin! Hahah. I dont think I could do a weekly giveaway, that would be awesome though :( I'd probably have to do a monthly one instead.

How about Tuesday Tips? XD Maybe tips on general plushie making. Hmm..

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