Winners announced! & an honorable mention. :D


I can't believe how many stories I got!  78 comments in only a few days.  It was super hard to choose a top two, so I actually turned it into a top THREE!  I added an extra prize of this guy above to go to the OTHER first place winner!

Okay, now onto the winners!

The winner of Ohgi goes to Heather!  Who made this wonderful poem called "The Seasons of Ohgi"
Way up in the mountains,
All covered in snow,
Deep in a forest
Where the sun didn't go

There lived a great giant,
All covered in frost,
And he breathed out the winter,
Until all summer was lost.

And what he created,
When he breathed out the ice
Were tiny creatures called Ohgi
Who were dreadfully nice.

They had three sleepy eyes,
And a large open mouth.
They hated the cold,
and wanted to move South.

But heading South didn’t matter,
Because no summer was left.
When they all found this out
They were terribly bereft.

They banded together,
And started to sing,
A sweet lullaby
About a great winter king.

The Giant was pleased,
The song was just right.
He slumped asleep in his chair
And the Ohgi kissed him goodnight.

Then out the door they all hurried,
In a blizzardy rush,
Not knowing the perils
Or that snow turns to slush.

Without the breath of the giant,
The world became warm,
Out sprung the summer
Melting the Ohgi swarm.

The singing then stopped
And the Giant awoke,
He called out to the Ohgi,
But nobody spoke.

That’s when he realized
The Ohgi had all died
So he stood on the mountain
And he cried and he cried.

And with every tear,
The cold winter returned,
And out sprang the Ohgi
For which the Giant yearned!

Everyone was so happy,
Smiles stretched every mouth,
(but the Ohgi still hated winter,
and wanted to head South)

The other 1st place prize of the little green monster goes to Rosemoo!  I loved that she made Ohgi into an evil dictator, so so great!

"I had it good. Too good some might say. Three eyes go a long way when you're born in the country of the blind. I was master and king before I was born. Now, only several hours old, I command everyone in this valley. I have my eyes set on the next valley across the mountains, but mastering blind monsters doesn't make it easy for them to cross mountain paths.

I know the name of my enemy and it is fear. I will send my minions to their doom, nay, to their glory, all in the name of exploration and increasing my territory. Will it be for naught? I cannot say. Will you join me, or will you meet your firey doom? Answer the three eyes, or perish."

& the 2nd place of the little Totoro keychain is PinkMuffinofDoom, who wrote a really adorable short story about Ohgi's creation:
"Ohgi was created from the imagination of a little girl. Deathly afraid of the monsters lurking under her bed and the ones in her closet, the little girl created an intimidating, yet cuddly and lovable monster to keep her safe while she slept. He always kept at least one eye open during the night, keeping a watch over his creator and keeping the evil monsters at bay. The little girl grew up and no longer felt afraid of these monsters that lurked, and passed on her dear friend to her children to comfort and keep them safe in the night."

I'd also like to give an Honorable Mention to Wheezy because theirs was so silly & made me laugh:
"Ladies man, avid stamp collector and aspiring ventriloquist - Oghi is one of a kind. Children scream in terror when he approaches, accusing him of being some kind of monster when all he is in fact is just a really sexy beast. A potato loving one at that. His diet consists souly of hashbrowns, spuds and potato gems. It is because of this that he suffers from explosive flatulence that luckily for him, is masked by the baked cookie aroma that floats from his skin whenever he rolls around on the ground. He was created in a test tube by the mad scientist Loveandasandwich. Rumour has it she concocted him by mixing donated bellybutton fluff from generous deviantart watchers with super glue, eyelashes and a carrot. Oghi is a force to be reckoned with and despite having no feet, he certainly kicks arse!"

Thanks so much everybody for taking the time to write stories! I wish I could give you all prizes. :D
Definitely check back on my blog often because I love doing giveaways, and I think next one will be a fanart contest with big big prizes!

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awww, congrats everyone :)

thanks for the honourable mention! i'm glad my story gave you a laugh!

Really loved Heather's poem, it was perfect. Wheezy's story was hilarious though - it's been a while since I've heard anyone use the term "sexy beast"

Oh Wow!... there were so many cute, amazing, funny, fantastic stories, I can't believe mine won!

Mostly I'm really glad you enjoyed it, because I've been enjoying the humor and fun in your work for quite a while, so it's really, really neat to be able to give something back!

Plus this contest was an amazing idea... I set it up so that the replies to the contest thread came to my phone... and I've spent the last couple of days excited to read the next story that someone would post!

Congrats to the other winners, I enjoyed their stories quite a lot... and I find it 100% believable that you might have generous donations of belly button lint from deviant art users XD

Again, Thank you!!!!!
And how should I contact you?

My email is:

Maaaam the stories are so awesome :)))) the poem made me drop a tear :D

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