Monster & Music Monday!


Almost forgot to update this today!  And with only 30 minutes left of Monday, oops.  So wrapped up in work, so much to do!

Here's some of my favorite monsters from this week!  Gonna try to have zero plush in this one, only different mediums!

Monsters by Cali-Akg

So so so so cool FOUR FOOT tall monster painting by Alex Carlson

Street Art monsters!  (I've always wanted to try this :O) by formatbrain

I absolutely love everything Bue does!  He makes more detailed paintings than this, but I love these giant face paintings the most because it looks as if the buildings/walls he paints are alive.  I also love those flower-like outlines, so cool.

Animation sheet by Redlich.  Awesome.  I love animation, and I love thisss!

Freaking amazing custom shoes by TheGrossUncle.  (Also an awesome name hahah)

And an 8 track as well!  Hope you guys are actually listening to these & I'm not wasting my time making them. D:  Oh well, I listen to them, haha.

I also heard back from Renegade about my application.  I didn't get in immediately :( :( but I got put on the waiting list which they said a "select few" got chosen for.  So I guess there's still hope for that, just disappointing that I wasn't one of the ones selected to be in the show right away.  Trying to think of what I could have done differently for next time to get in! :(  I hope someone leaves so I'll be able to squeeze in, I really wanted to be in that show.

Also! I finished my Plush Olympics entry last night.  Will be posting up pictures tomorrow (Which is the deadline, ahh)

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Well if it makes you feel better, I listen to your mixes, and I like most of the stuff on them. You got me ridiculously addicted to the Junior Boys with your first one. For some reason, it's perfect sewing music.

I'm excited to see your olympic plush! i'm posting mine tomorrow also.

monster graffiti is awesome :D one of them reminds me of a deformed peter rabbit!
it's a shame they didn't let you into the craft fair. they'll definitely be missing out.

there aren't any craft fairs in the town i live in here in australia so you can start one and become the queen of everything. good deal ? yes i thought so too :D

going to give the mix a listen to tonight while i do homework! thanks !

That monster graffiti is really, super cool.
I want one of them to come to my town and just graffiti it up! It's so colorful and fun ^_^

And dont worry, I listen to your mixes. It's always nice to be introduced to new music! Especially your 8tracks, they always get me pumped up to work!

Thanks guys!!!
Skizzarah, I loooove Junior boys, amazing tunes. :D I just posted up my olympic plush as well!

Wheezy, there's still a chance I could be in! Crossing my fingers, though I hope they tell me with enough time ahhh.

Maddie, thanks! Yeah I want Bue to come and paint all my walls with different monster faces, sooo beautiful

I listen to your mixes!(gosh this comment is late) But really, Starfucker is my new favorite band thanks to you, and I already loved Of Montreal which you put into one or two of the previous ones.

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