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I've been wanting to do a blog giveaway since I restarted up this blog!  I made this monster specifically for it.  He's a medium sized monster, bigger than my newborn ones, and he needs a story!

To win him please comment on this post with a background story about him!  It can be about how he was born, where he came from, a story from his life, anything! As long as he's the main character.
 Try to keep it fairly short, I don't want any novels, just a few sentences to a paragraph about his life!  & Yes, you may submit multiple stories, just please don't bombard my comment box with them.
I enabled anonymous comments for people without blogs or Google accounts, so if you leave an anonymous comment please leave your email so I can contact you if you win!

On Saturday (3/6) I'll announce my top two favorite stories!  My number 1 favorite one will win Ohgi, and my 2nd place favorite will win one of these little Totoro keychains!

Please blog/Twitter/Facebook about this giveaway!  I want as many monster stories as possible!
I'll do a new blog post on Saturday, announcing the winners!

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this is my story 4 ohgi.

every one always has a third opinion in there life and ohgi never knows which one to pick.ohgi is a fun loving lazy ole three eyed dude. if the penut butter is ever missing dont blame your boy friend and go straight to ohgi. he is a complete messy eaterand you will know right away who the peanut butter. my email address is im 11years old and i love to sew. i love your dolls they give me so much insperation.

Ohgi is Abominable’s youngest son. Until recently, he was a white monster, like his dad. However, he has an unfortunate fondness for Kool Aid. He used to drink strawberry Kool Aid every chance he got. His mom was sick of hearing about how much he loved strawberry Kool Aid! Then last month, he was at his friend Squatch Jr’s house, when he discovered ice blue raspberry lemonade Kool Aid. He loved it so much that in his hurry to drink it all, he ended up dumping the whole pitcher on himself! Only the tips of his fur survived unscathed. “Oh no,” I’m sure you’re thinking. Oh Yeah! As all of us who play with fiber know, Kool Aid dyes animal fur permanently. So now he is waiting for it to grow out, but he still can’t keep himself away from that ice blue raspberry lemonade Kool Aid. :P

(This is what it does to yarn: Image borrowed from Flickr.)

im the same kid from the first comment.!!!!!

ohgi= awesomeness!!!
ohgi goes to the extreme when it comes to blue. his favorite thing about the the color blue is that blue is the best flavor of almost any thing (besides chicken) once he ate blue chicken and got so sick from it, he turned blue !!! so know he gets to see the color that he lurves all the time! even when hes eatin blue chicken!!!!!!

hahaha awesome zach! they made me giggle. :D
You too, shanna. I didnt even know you could dye yarn with kool aid!

Ohgi was created from the imagination of a little girl. Deathly afraid of the monsters lurking under her bed and the ones in her closet, the little girl created an intimidating, yet cuddly and lovable monster to keep her safe while she slept. He always kept at least one eye open during the night, keeping a watch over his creator and keeping the evil monsters at bay. The little girl grew up and no longer felt afraid of these monsters that lurked, and passed on her dear friend to her children to comfort and keep them safe in the night.

(I no longer have the email attached to this account - so my new email is kjmeyers at

Ohgi can never make any friends because he is always grumpy - it's his monster flaw, something that ever little monster has. Some monsters are too energetic, some eat too much, and some talk too much. But Ohgi is just a grump. At monster preschool, where the little abominations go to learn how to become good grown-up monsters with no monster flaws, no one ever plays with him. They try, but whenever a little monster child comes up to him, Ohgi hisses and growls and scares them away. Maybe one day he'll learn not to be a grumpy little bugger and make some friends.

(My email is !)

Deep in the arctic where the sun barely shines for more than a few hours a day, scientists have unearthed a block of ice with a mysterious make up. One night, as the scientists sleep in their camp, the Ohgi slides from his icy tomb and creeps across the lab. He shields his eyes from the harsh light of the lamps and climbs onto the head of the expedition's stool. He leaps onto the desk and lands on the keyboard. A flood of images came up on the screen, and he was hooked. Suddenly, the lights flipped on, and Ohgi quickly made his way back to the ice only to come out every night.
By. Kara Jorgensen thevampirelock on DA

Poor Ohgi's parents couldn't figure out why their strange (although lovable) little baby would always cry. At all hours of the day, their little three-eyed child would cry and tantrum until he would fall asleep. It was only at night time that he wouldn't cry at all!

It was all very peculiar and worrisome.

It wasn't until little Ohgi began to speak his first words did his mummy and daddy find out what bothered their son.

"Sun!" His first word! "Sun!"

"Oh!" Mum gasped. "I know what the problem is!"

The next day, mum got little Ohgi a specially-made three-lensed pair of little sunglasses.

As long as Ohgi wore his little shades, he never cried in the day again.

(Hi! It's Callykarishokka from DA. XD))

There once was a a creature named Carl. Carl loved to learn about things and was very smart, but his one downfall was spelling. All of the other creatures at school made fun of him, and bullied him, saying "Oh gee, here come Carl, run away!". And every day he would hear cries of "Oh gee, oh no!" until one day he forgot that his name was Carl, thinking it must be Ohgi(poor Carl still couldn't spell). From then on Carl was known as Ohgi, and his face always shows his unhappiness at being made fun of.

(don't worry, little Ohgi, I'm sure whoever gets you will love you very much and not make fun of you)

What happened to all of the leftover snow? Ohgi was born! The falling snowflakes slowly made a little ball until a little monster was born! Then, who found little Ohgi, but Chelsea! So Chelsea adopted Ohgi until he was old enough to be listed in her shop and be adopted by somebody else!

My e-mail is :D

Doh! I forgot to leave my email. It's . I'm loving all of these stories so far!

Ohgi, was a frightened little creature the day he walked out onto this world, he first opened his eyes and BOOOMMM some hipsters came by and shot his parents in a drive by while listening to Owl City because it was cool at the time and they totally loved them more than his parents. To combat this dastardly deed, Ohgi grew up listening to metal and hating hipsters with a passion, to this day he beats up hipsters at anytime and anyplace in hopes to thrash the hipsters that killed his parents.

haha :]

Ohgi was recently stumbled upon by a young eskimo boy on the freezing plains of Alaska among a pair of sleeping polar bear cubs. Ohgi lay well hidden and almost out of site in hopes to absorb there body heat... Yet while the young eskimo boy was out on a hunting trip for his village he found the shy monster hiding. So he scooped frightened Ohgi up and put him in his heavy jacket. Most of Ohgi's relatives now live among the eskimos in Igloos. Despite there shyness they are friendly and cute creatures that can produce non-melting ice cubes. Even though they are not needed in alaska, they are shipped to other places around the world to keep beverages cool in tropical climates :D

Three polar bear cubs were building a snowman when a flash storm forced them into their cave after only being able to make the snowman's head. They watched in fascination as lightning struck their snowman head. The lighting sparked life in the ball of snow and so Ohgi was born!! Ohgi's fur eternally looks as though it has been electricuted and though it makes him look fearsome, he is usually found playing snow fort with polar bears and is very cuddly on stormy nights.

My e-mail is I'm erolyntigerdragon on dA!!

Blue Snowcones. These are Ohgi's favorite treat. Once upon of time, he used to be white, however he became a bit obessed since his friends in the wonderland of the icey Anarctica showed him the glories of blue snow cones. He quickly became the visual representation of "You are what you eat." as his fur began to turn the light, snowy blue of this sugary snack.

One beautiful night in Alaska, the sky was alive with colorful auroras. As a polar bear cub looked up to the sky at a blue aurora, something fell down on his head! A little furry baby with three beautiful eyes looked up and started to talk. It said, "Hello kind sir, my name is Ohgi and I have lost my way, where am I?" The cub shrieked with fear and tossed Oghi into the ice water. Once hitting the water, Oghi realized he could swim and he was quite warm. Oghi is now swimming the seas and is still searching the world for his forever home.

(my email is

Oh do you understand what happened the eve of the blizzard of the century? During the fall of that two feet of snow a small little monster named Ohgi was building himself an igloo to stay warm. It was difficult for a creature with no arms to build anything like that. All he could do was collect snow on his round, blue body. Giving up he cried out with defeat. Fortunately for him a group of yetis heard his cries and came to his aid. Wishing to help this little guy warm up they began to mold the snow into a mass. The first floor completed, then the second, then the towers, and within a short amount of time the yetis had created a giant snow castle. Ohgi could never be happier as he shook away the snow and made way to his new home. Looking back at the yetis standing in the snow, Ohgi couldn't help but invite his new friends into his palace.

Ohgi is an old parasite from the lands of Fort Apache. He's family was killed when he was a kid and his village was burn to the ground for the third batallion of Micos. Ohgi, almost dying, wandered down Madero's Bay looking for a new home. In his journey a scavenger demon raised him like a son and teach him how to be a parasite of that world. He become a full "Tatu" (adult monster)and left his new home. Now he is looking for new adventures and the blood of the King of Micos to avenge his biological parents.

Here's my story:
Like a roaming gnome, Ohgi likes to travel the world; especially cold places since the warm places make him uncomfortable with all that fur! And with three big eyes he doesn't miss any details about the places he's visited. Of course, there's the occasional setback of people staring and reporting about him in articles on the internet, but that doesn't stop him! All he needs to do is hid in the nearest cold place for a while and eventually the hype dies down about the strange creature with three eyes and blue fur. After that, he's back on the road.

My email:

Ohgi loves the sun.
He soaks it up like he does blue cheese smoothies and orange juice. Ohgi lives in Minnesota, and he always wishes on 11:11 for a sunny day tomorrow. He jams away to Animal Collective and Unicorn Kid in his spare time, and writes poetry about acorns. Ohgi hates the cold and wishes the snow could just melt away and never come back.
He also hates the colour blue, and wishes he was pink instead.

Two eyes open, one still sealed shut. A night of rough housing with the neighbors cat has taken its toll. Stretch... scratch armpits. Hmmmm... what is there to eat? Where is my hair gel?

Today, I will hide behind the oak tree and wait for Carl the cat. I will win the battle and claim the backyard for my own!
My e-mail address is

There once was a man, a sad lonely man, that sat around all day doing nothing but watching tv and eating junkfood. One day he fell asleep and spilled his slushy all over his stomach. The liquid goo pooled in his belly button and mixed with the lint within it. Some kind of chemical reaction happened and BAM a crazy 3 eyed lint creature was created. Now the lonely man isn't so lonely any more.

Ohgi is a mix of a 3-eyed yeti and a peppermint ice cream monster. He was born in the forest of New Hampshire where it snows...A LOT!!! From the time he was born, he LOVED to munch on ice. Icicles, ice cubes, even snow. Now, Ohgi was originally born red because his father was a peppermint ice cream monster. But he changed one day while he hopped around his house to explore. Ohgi discovered a big and tall silver building before him. He wondered what it was and decided to see. (Hint: its a refrigerator). He noticed that the top part of this thing was slightly opened. After climbing up the cabinets and hopping on the shelves, Ohgi managed to get inside the freezer. Not realizing that the door had closed behind him, he saw a tray of ice cubes and started to munch away. after eating every ice cube, he tried to get out, but didn't have the strength to open the freezer door! he was stuck for hours with a stunned look on his face. His Mother, the 3-eyed yeti, decided to get a popsicle from the freezer. When she opened the door, she was terrified to find her son, Ohgi, Frozen and blue. After she thawed him out, he went back to normal, but his stunned look and his blue fur remained the same forever!!!!!

That is the story of Ohgi, the 3-eyed, stunned faced, blue furred monster!!!!!

One day,a three-eyed monster who was half yeti named Ohgi, decided to get his uncontrollable hair cut. Once he arrived at the Beauty Parlor, Ohgi told the blind barber to give him just a trim. The barber started to cut whatever fur he felt. Then, he grabbed some blue goo that he mistook for hair gel and rubbed it all over Ohgi's head. After he opened his eyes he screamed in terror and hopped back home. He tried thousands of times to wash it out but it was permanent. Poor Ohghi would be blue and shocked for the rest of his life!

I had it good. Too good some might say. Three eyes go a long way when you're born in the country of the blind. I was master and king before I was born. Now, only several hours old, I command everyone in this valley. I have my eyes set on the next valley across the mountains, but mastering blind monsters doesn't make it easy for them to cross mountain paths.

I know the name of my enemy and it is fear. I will send my minions to their doom, nay, to their glory, all in the name of exploration and increasing my territory. Will it be for naught? I cannot say. Will you join me, or will you meet your firey doom? Answer the three eyes, or perish.

Ohgi, may look cute and cuddly, but he is more than just that. He's also fantasmic.
Ohgi loves his family but likes to take his own adventures. He's pretty tight with the monstroctopi and owlets. He can swim with the monstroctpi for short times (which is why he is blue, from all that water) and the owlets are currently teaching him to fly and stay up later at night! (that's why he has three eyes! So he can see in the dark!)

Miga's (the olympic mascot) boyfriend. END.

Ohgi is an idea man. He's a mover and a shaker. He's the man with the plan. He just sits around thinking up brilliant ideas all day. Slap chop, snuggie, Jack Lalaane's power juicer, you guessed it...all Ohgi's ideas. His name isn't even Ohgi. People just got tired of screaming "Oh Hey! Great Idea!!!" and they decided to make it an acronym for him to save time. I think his real name might be Merv, but I'm not sure. :)

Oh my god these are all so great! Keep em comin! :D

ohgi joe lived a simple life in the mountains with his mom and pop; thats all he knew about the world. he lived a simple life that focused on the number three: woke up at 3, brushed his two teeth 3 times on each one, and of course ate 3 meals since he saw the world through three eyes. but one day they had to move to the city where all the other monsters, with only one or two eyes, saw him as strange. three days had gone by until one day at three o clock at monster school, the teacher gave a math problem that the whole class had to solve together. no one could figure it out, that is until ohgi joe was able to realize the answer in three minutes using his third eye winning the class a three flavor ice cream party. from then on all the other monsters treated him with respect. as ohgi joe says "third times a charm!"

Oh, there was once a little girl who wished herself a friend.
Her friend was small. Her friend had fur. Her friend was just pretend.
Her friend, he had three little eyes so he could wink in threes.
Her friend was fond of fruit, and he adored fresh blueberries.

She wished so hard that one dark night her friend crawled from her dream
And sat beside her bed, with fur the quiet white of cream.
He had no legs or arms or ears, but these things will occur
When one is making oneself real. At least he still had fur.

She woke that morn, the little girl, to find the monster there
Just waiting for her to awake. He'd neatly combed his hair,
Though how he managed without hands, I think I'll never guess.
It didn't matter. That girl hugged the monster to her breast.

The monster was named Ohgi (yes, a silly sort of name),
And though he was without a limb, she loved him just the same.
She gave him berries, peaches, pears, and even passion fruit,
And while she did, her little friend across the floor would scoot.

Ohgi, being without hands, was messy with his foods.
He tried to pick some blueberries, but wound up soaked in juice.
His fur was white before he did, but now it's got the dye.
Poor little Ohgi could not help help but sit and have a cry.

The little girl just scooped him up and dried his three black eyes.
She told him that there really was no reason he should cry.
He asked her how to wash it off. "Whatever can I do?"
The girl said that it mattered not: she liked him, even blue.

Queer Identified Bio-Woman Monster (Ohgi) seeks Queer Identified Transman Monster.

I'm not too particular about love, yet, I feel that the only way to fully enrapture another lover is by eating them piece by piece. Their hearts always get stuck in my throat! Shucks!

Ohgi is a little monster, less than a foot high. He's the kind of little monster that likes to hide in dark places. A sock drawer, the middle of a laundry basket, but his favorite place is under the blankets of a nice, soft bed.

You see, Ohgi likes to nap all day. He only wakes up to have a snack. However, Ohgi can be very grumpy if he's awakened by someone else, and he'll open his mouth to make a big noise and jump out of his hiding place to scare the person who woke him up! Of course, the only noise he knows how to make is a great big snore.

So whenever you go to open your sock drawer, wash your clothes, or make your bed, listen for the Ohgi snores!

My name is Sammi and my email address is x8silentfog8x (AT)

No one really knows where Ohgi is from, though some assume the north, with his thick fur and pale complexion. Despite being an extremely happy fella', Ohgi scares people away with his 'fffffffuuu' face.

Under neath every fffffuuu is a smile, though, which Ohgi knows all too well. When he was a baby Ohgi, his mother told him that if he kept making the same face, it'd stay that way. She was right.

Oghi is the youngest son of Oshoghi the gate guardian of the city callet Tunangha. When he got into puberty a third eye revealed itself and the people of Tunangha got scared of him allthough he is a good boy and never harmed anybody. As they with the time were scared more and more they banished Oghi from Tunangha. Even his father a respected member of the town couldnt do anything against it. Now Oghi must travel from town to town and often beg for some food and shelter and dreams of a new home where people would like him as he is.

Alexander Gürlich aka Fshizz from Prague( The guy with the Monster Hangover)

Ohgi was born from the yawns of the moon and ever since has stumbled through the bleary eyed dreams of insomniacs.

You can see Ohgi out of the corner of your eye if you look right - when you are balancing on that fine edge between exhaustion and brilliance.

He will keep you company as you craft your dreams into something tangible and crazy during the wee hours of the night...

...all the while blinking his cute star-shine eyes and sighing his sweet crackling yawns in such a hypnotic rhythm.

It is as if stoned butterflies are making the most delicious ambient music to sing you through the night.

(i love your work and think that Ohgmi must have inspired a few insomniatic nights of creative flow... much thanks to your boyfriend for linking from his awesome devious art journal to your awesome creative blog!)

Ohgi never really could figure out why all the other monsters ate icky food. "Bugs!" they said, "are the best food a monster could ever have!" Ohgi never felt the same way, for bugs were too odd looking to be tasty but one day, he stumbled upon a house in the forest, where he bounced in through the window and saw a big white box that was open. He hopped up and looked inside, and Behold! things that actually looked like food! He tried some butterscotch pudding, chocolate cake, and then some pecan pie, until he was so full, he grew two sizes! He laid there in the fridge, unchanged by the coldish air, and soon fell asleep behind a dragonfruit. Still this day, he hops into that cabin persons house and steals their delectable desserts
~ I'm 16 years old and a three time customer of your lovely monsters. Minkeet(mini makeet)is sitting on my desk now. He says RAWR

Although it was fragile, Ohgi liked it in his egg. As a hatchling he was always avoiding bright light, as the darkness comforted him into nana naps. Luckily for him, being in the arctic there is not too much sunlight, but this did lead to the complication of him believing to be a penguin. After realizing he walked among penguins but was not one of them, he drifting into a life of solitude. For years he endured more than the freezing temperatures of the arctic, but it was sheer loneliness that had the poor thing suffer.
One day, a brilliant and caring woman named Chelsea comes along and finds Ohgi hiding in his dark, secluded cave. “Eeeee!” he squealed. It was love at first squeal, only Chelsea could not care for him; she already had so many other creatures trusting her to care for them. In the end she was determined to find Ohgi a good home… A week later, Ohgi found happiness amongst other furry friends, who were as unique as him but more accepting then snobby suit penguins.

The End =D

(contact me through my deviant art? SnowWhiteQueenX. I hope you enjoy the story <3 and I love your plushies)

The Seasons Of Ohgi:

Way up in the mountains,
All covered in snow,
Deep in a forest
Where the sun didn't go

There lived a great giant,
All covered in frost,
And he breathed out the winter,
Until all summer was lost.

And what he created,
When he breathed out the ice
Were tiny creatures called Ohgi
Who were dreadfully nice.

They had three sleepy eyes,
And a large open mouth.
They hated the cold,
and wanted to move South.

But heading South didn’t matter,
Because no summer was left.
When they all found this out
They were terribly bereft.

They banded together,
And started to sing,
A sweet lullaby
About a great winter king.

The Giant was pleased,
The song was just right.
He slumped asleep in his chair
And the Ohgi kissed him goodnight.

Then out the door they all hurried,
In a blizzardy rush,
Not knowing the perils
Or that snow turns to slush.

Without the breath of the giant,
The world became warm,
Out sprung the summer
Melting the Ohgi swarm.

The singing then stopped
And the Giant awoke,
He called out to the Ohgi,
But nobody spoke.

That’s when he realized
The Ohgi had all died
So he stood on the mountain
And he cried and he cried.

And with every tear,
The cold winter returned,
And out sprang the Ohgi
For which the Giant yearned!

Everyone was so happy,
Smiles stretched every mouth,
(but the Ohgi still hated winter,
and wanted to head South)

Ohgi had the sneezies
It was terrible, I hear
He'd try to hold them in
But BAM sneezed everywhere

Once he saw a doctor
Who told him just to wait
"The sneezes would clear up", he said
Ohgi though that was great.

He went home with a smile
Honk and sniffling all the way
"I just have to wait" he thought
"For them to go away."

Two weeks passed and nothing happened
The sneezies just got worse
So he saw another doctor,
Much smarter than the first.

"Please help me with my sneezies!"
Ohgi implored with zest
"Why! You're allergic to your fur!" he said
And that solved all the rest.

And now he's not so furry
And now he gets a tad cold
But he's no longer sneezing!
And that's how his story's told.

( ,

Ohgi is a sleepy little monster! He always stays up way too late reading his favorite stories under the blankets with a flashlight. His monster mommy has the hardest time waking him up for school in the morning! Poor little Ohgi. He always has to eat his breakfast on the run and usually has a terrible case of bed-head! His mommy thinks he is adorable anyway, and at least he is well read!

Ohgi was a happy, playful monster created by a grumpy (but secretly quite likable) mad scientist living way out on top of a mountain in a frozen cave. Every day, Ohgi and his master would play, until one day Ohgi's master became very ill, and had to leave Ohgi to go to the hospital in the city. Now, Ohgi lives alone in his icy cave, growling at kids to get off his lawn! But he's always, always waiting for his master to return: will you be the one to give him the love he needs to open up again?

(Sorry if it's a bit of a sales pitch at the end there, but it all came flooding in as soon as I saw him!)

Ohgi, in a few sentences.

Ohgi is really loud and likes to roar on top of high places to see if there is an echo. He's not afraid of anything and he has adventures wherever he goes! Ohgi likes cold weather and loves the snow, thus explaining why his favorite season is winter. And that is Ohgi, explained in a few sentences.

Oh once there was a little monster named Ohgi.
And he liked everything to be even.
Two pillows, two forks, two clocks, even two pickles on his sandwitch. But he had a deep and depressing problem. Even though he had two eyes, he had three teeth! This bothered him greatly, so he went on a epic quest to fix this hideousie. First he tried to pull the tooth out. But to no evail. Next he tried to paint it black so you couldn't see it, but then the toothfairy got mad at him. 'Cause she went and gave him a quarter, and when he told her she was wrong and she was embarraced greatly. There was only one thing left to do. To find a wizard!! After a long, treck through the iced land, with snow dragons, he finally found one in a cave. Ohgi was quite cold, and fozen by then. So iratably had told the wizard to get rid of his tooth. The wizard, anoyed by this, sent a lightning bolt down from the sky. And got rid of the hideous tooth. But also gave him a therd eye! "That's not being even!" cried Ohgi. So now, Ohgi whereever he goes, sees things in an odd way.
Moral: don't be in the company of snow dragons, they make you sort with wizards.

lol hope it's not to long. My mail is

*short with wizards

*Ohgi wakes up* -
Where am I? Why do I feel so light headed? what is this fur around me? Wait a min.. wait a minute! Aaaaaaaaah! its me, I have fur! what happened to my arms? my legs? why can I see more than I use to? - *Ohgi walks towards a mirror* - Awee, I'm kinda cute after all... tee-hee...
*Walks out*

Ohgi the Brave

Ohgi, or "Ohgi the Brave" as he is now known to the world, is actually a wandering spirit - only appearing when children are in specific, usually dangerous situations. Being but a child spirit himself, he is not known in the spirit world as being very strong, cunning, or even some semblance of capable. But Ohgi tries his best.

One bright, and unusually warm summer day, Ohgi, as he was clearing his tiny brain from the criticisms of his fellow spirit monsters, stumbled across a small boy named "DinDin". DinDin, being very similar to Ohgi in that he was not very capable, had a tendency to play ball next to the busy street outside of his house unsupervised as his parents were inside drinking and saying rude things about Obama, as they so often did.

Ohgi looked upon the boy, and instantly felt a connection to him. In the briefest of moments, he had found a friend - not among his fellow spirits, but in this young, odd boy by the name of DinDin. Even though DinDin knew nothing of Ohgi's existence.

Ohgi looked upon the boy in shock, as suddenly - DinDin had kicked his ball out into the busy street! DinDin raced after the ball, laughing as it started rolling farther and farther away from him. Ohgi, wanting to prove himself to his fellow spirits, and protect his newfound friend - noticed a large Hummer (the driver of which is obviously compensating for several things) rushing towards the boy - paying no attention at all!

Ohgi quickly used all of his strength and bravery to appear next to the driver of the Hummer. Ohgi said to the driver, "Hello sir stop plz." The driver looked at Ohgi and said in response "K. I will stop now."

The driver stopped, DinDin was unharmed, and Ohgi the Brave saved the day - proving to any and all that making sense is not a requisite for being capable. Or cute.

(Sorry if it's too long, I just wanted to write a story. Both you and Dave are good folks to both myself, a young artist, and my wife - who is constantly sewing her stuffed dolls, animals, video game characters, and other projects. Cheers to you both. Email is

Did you watch the Olympics this year? If you did then you’ve probably seen this monster snowball amongst the crowd cheering for his favourite Olympians! He loves winter sports and is in the process of training for the next winter games in Russia!

What will he be entering? Well he’s not really sure yet, see he loves to do everything, from snowboarding to ice hockey. Thankfully he’s got some time to decide.

Ohgi is the largest newborn any monster has ever seen!! He was born medium sized and has a growth stunt now to where he will stay this size for the rest of his life. Ohgi is a sneezer, he sneezes 1200 times a day and is able to keep his eyes open the whole time!! (he's had lots of practice) This little guy used to have a nose, but one time he sneezed so big that his nose blew right off!! O.O

Email; or
(( I check the yahoo one more often ))

Ohgi never really was the brightest bulb in the box. He believed ludicrous things such as one plus one equaling seven, and a triangle having four sides. One day however, his parents could no longer take his nonsense and thrust him out of the house. Having no arms or legs, Ohgi stood in the spot he fell, until a scientist came along. When the man took further analysis, he noticed something Ohgi's parents never even knew; he was the only creature that could do math! Now Ohgi currently resides in a lab being taught multiplication.

Ohgi lives where human beings have never been. He resides in the lovely world of Pure Happiness. The silly humans always are worrying about something, whether they're conscious or not. Sometimes, Ohgi will visit people while they sleep and bless them with beautiful dreams that make them smile while they sleep. He can bring happiness to anyone, and frequently tries to help the poor human race. He always brightens the other monsters' day with his happy chatter and loves to eat blueberries.

Ohgi is from another world; a world much colder than even the shady spots of the coldest place on this planet! When Ohgi was a wee lil monster, he had long sleek hair. It trailed several feet behind him when he would roll around the glacier he called home. One exceptionally cold day, Ohgi fell into the freezing waters boarding his home. Desperate to find warmth, he crawled into an odd, heat radiating contraption. This device is very much like earth dryers. Ever since, Ohgi’s long locks have become crinkled curls and he has the most curiously severe case of static cling imaginable! He clings to everything, buses, balloons, passing pets… Leaving the house has become such a headache for poor Ohgi since he always finds himself teleported to strange places! Don’t let him blame his static problem for everything, however. When he cuddles next to you, it’s because he thinks you are worth clinging to!


OOPS!!! I'm the ANONYMOUS from March 3...
my E-mail is:

OOPS!!! I'm the ANONYMOUS from March 3...
my E-mail is:

If you listen closely, you can hear singing, giddy voices.
This is Ohgi the monster; no, not like the Boogie Man, or that thing that hides in your dryer and eats your socks. He's a friendly, happy spirit.
I'll tell you the story of a little girl who met 'Ohgi'.
This young girl, let's name her Lucy; met Ohgi the monster. She stumbled upon his home in her attic one day. He was happily eating the spiders and singing a happy tune as he rolled around the dusty floor.
Lucy was frightened at first, unsure of what to do. She tried to catch the silly monster but he only wanted to play a game, and rolled away.
Lucy would come back up to her attic everyday, and coaxed Ohgi closer with oranges and cotton candy treats. They became good friends, and Ohgi and Lucy became inseparable. Lucy would spend all day in her attic, talking to Oghi and Ohgi squealed and gurgled replies.
But Ohgi wasn't real, and Lucy just wanted a friend. She dreamed up a silly monster with wild blue fur, a buck toothed grin and three eyes, because two just wasn't enough.
Ohgi didn't need arms because Lucy knew even though he didn't have any he could hug her with his eyes.
Lucy was always unsure if Ohgi was real, but to this day Ohgi remembers Lucy, even though she's all grown up now.

((i'm sorry this is so lame, but i tried :S
contact me on dA: captainfudgie or my email

Wurin was born to parents with the typical set of two eyes, however the parents were frightened when they found only one! The parents complained endlessly to the doctor to fix it. Sensing their distress, the birthing doctor immediately agreed stitch on two normal eyes. Unfortunately, the parents didn't specify to also remove Wurin's original eye.

Ladies man, avid stamp collector and aspiring ventriloquist - Oghi is one of a kind. Children scream in terror when he approaches, accusing him of being some kind of monster when all he is in fact is just a really sexy beast. A potato loving one at that. His diet consists souly of hashbrowns, spuds and potato gems. It is because of this that he suffers from explosive flatulence that luckily for him, is masked by the baked cookie aroma that floats from his skin whenever he rolls around on the ground. He was created in a test tube by the mad scientist Loveandasandwich. Rumour has it she concocted him by mixing donated bellybutton fluff from generous deviantart watchers with super glue, eyelashes and a carrot. Oghi is a force to be reckoned with and despite having no feet, he certainly kicks arse!

LOL Sorry, my friend typed it for me. When she said he looked more like a Wurin, I thought she was joking. >.>;; I'll just handle the typing for now,

I am the person from the 10th comment. :D

Deep in a cave was poor little Ohgi. He was very cold and didn't know if anyone would ever find him. Little did he know that somebody was going camping and wandered into the cave. They heard little Ohgi and rescued him. Now Ohgi lives a great life with his new adopted parents. He loves cookies, crafting, and watching TV.

My e-mail is

I was going to enter this contest, but after reading heathers epic poem above, i concede.
Love the poem heather, you did an amazing job!

Hey, just wondering are poems accepted? I mean I thought u only said it was stories....not poems.

Just wanting to clear this up! :D ^____^

I would hope they are accepted (it doesn't say it can't rhyme)... and Dr. Suess told stories in rhyme... and I definitely made sure mine told the story of the Ohgi (I couldn't help it... I see him as one of many... maybe it's because we've been buried under snow here for forever!)

Ohgi is a strange little fuzzy monster that was found in the South pole. This rare little monster was very rarely seen by humans and was said to be a real as the abominable snowman ( we all know hes real. Hes just scared of us). In the recent years the sightings of Ohgi have grown considerably, but in the stangest of places, your grandmothers freezer, in the icebox at a party and even inside an icecream container that you jsut bought from the store. Scientists believe that Ohgi got curious on thier last visit to the South pole and snuck into thier suitcases.
He thrived in these new places and spread all over the world hiding in a nice cool place ready for someone to find him.
You can find me on deviantart xSamoliax I watch you :).. Wow that sounded creepy.

Oghi is a creature that emerges from mould. It's a special type of mould that grows on poptarts when you leave them in the sun for 6 months and add a little lemonade every day. He doesn't say much, he just kinda groans and gurgles and coughs up icing into your lap from time to time.


Ohgi's family is comparable to that of royalty throughout the land of monsters. So upon his birth he was known as, Prince Ohgi, heir to the Thunder monster throne.

The Thunder monsters have always been held in high regard as they are the monsters that possess the powers of noise. As long as a Thunder monster holds the throne, noises from the tiniest of squeaks to the largest of booms will be created and heard.

As told to me by my 3 year old who soooooooo wants this guy! :)

Once upon a time, there was monster named Ohgi. He was a nice monster. He lived in a house with his mom. His house was teeny tiny and he had brother. Ohgi and his brother liked to play hide and seek. One time, Ohgi got lost in some woods and couldn't find his way back home. Then a dinosaur came. The dinosaur didn't talk. He scared Ohgi. There was a fence and Ohgi went over it and it was a zoo. The dinosaur couldn't get him in there. Then he found his home in the zoo! His mom was happy that he found his way in. His mom was mad that he left his brother in the woods.
The End!

(Thanks for having such a fun contest, my son loved making up this story!)

angelicalinguini at hotmail dot com

Ohgi lives in the dryer and eats socks. No one knows when he arrived or how he got there. He just is.

Ohgi was born on a snowcliff in the Himalayan mountains to his parents the Yeti and the
cyclops. It was a blue winter that year, mother nature must have fated it because Oghi
was born blue. It was the longest and coldest winter, Oghi was good at alot of things, he was a
champion at hide and seek his third eye made it easier for him to find his hiding friends in the
snow.Lily woke up, her mother was at her side. "Mommy where is Oghi?" Lily asked. Lily's mother
smiled at her and said, "Who is Oghi dear? You've been sick sweetie, you're in the hospital."
Lily frowned a little and told her mother about her dream. "Well it was just a dream sweetie, Oghi
isn't real." Lily's mother told her gently. Lily knew, however in her heart she knew, Oghi was
real. Lily made a vow to herself, I will find him, I will find Ohgi one day.

It's me AurukaSunshine from DA

Ohgi is the monster reincarnation of Harry Caray, who finally succeeded in turning himself into a hot dog, smothering himself in brown mustard and relish, and eating himself.

From the pure ridiculousness of the situation, an evil sentient vortex was created in the space time continuum. In order to save the universe from being sucked into the vortex and destroyed, the spirit of Harry Caray tried to condense his energy to become a brave monster who could battle the monstrous vortex. In the midst of his wish, he got distracted by a hot dog vendor, so he only half-formed, without any arms or legs. Yet even in his limbless state, his fur all aflutter, he reared up and roared at the evil vortex, calling himself Ohgi, Defender of All That is Awesome (Like Hot Dogs), and the vortex promptly shrank in awe of the Oghi and popped out of existence.

Satisfied, Ohgi blinked his three eyes, smiled, and said, "Finally, all hot dogs and their hot dog families are safe. Until I get to eat them. Cubs win!"

:-) The End!

I changed the name of Ohgi to Lush. Hope that's not a 'have too' of 'must have'. I didn't see it as a requirement.

Berries. Little Lush loved berries like every little monster on the mountain. Up at the tippy top of the mountain was a special berry. The sky berry. It was blue as the sky and was said to taste like sunshine. All the little monsters of the mountain and the valley wanted to be the first to taste sunshine, but no matter how high they climbed, they always got lost in the clouds on their way up. But Little Lush was determined. Rolling around, his three eyes squished tight in concentration, he figured out how to reach the top! Balloons always went up, and if Lush gathered enough, he would surely float up to the top of the mountain, past the cloud maze and be the first to taste the sunshine flavored sky berry!
Well, after gathering a bunch of balloons, Lush was on his way, floating up, up, and finally! There! The sky berry, blue and round and hanging down, ready for munching! As he floated past the sky berry, Lush bent out and took a bite-
Only to cry out! Sunshine was hot! Spicy! It wasn’t good at all! The balloons kept Little Lush aloof as he floated around the world, crying as his tongue burned and burned from the spicy sky berry. One day, the balloons all popped and poor Lush fell to earth, right into your arms. He’s still crying from his burning tongue, eyes squinted, holding back his tears. Because no matter how hot the sky berry burned his poor tongue, he had still been the first little monster to taste sunshine!

-iStole of DA

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In a far away land, where most things are the same as this world, except that spiders are the dominant race, and humans are as big as peanuts, Ohgi lived peacefully with his family who all had beautiful white hairs all on their bodies. One day he was recruited to fight in the spider army (against the moths). He went away and fought for many months but was eventually caught by a moth and was taken to be tortured. They gouged out 5 of his eyes, pulled off his legs and threw him into a washing machine with dark coloured clothes, and from then on his fur was stained from that denim jacket and his facial expression was fixed like that, as if he looked like he just saw someone go into a change room with more items than were allowed. Now he needs a carer to look after him seeing as he has no limbs.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi! When I saw this cute monster and the stories to adopt him, I couldn't help but join in. In hindsight, it might have been better for me to read the terms *first* as this is quite a bit too long. However I had lots of fun writing it and still want to share it, even if it doesn't qualify.
Thanks, and good luck! ^_^

A curious young boy found some fancy blue chalk and drew a spiky friend to keep him company on his pillow. Pillows aren't the best medium for drawing, especially when curious young boys sleep on them. But the chalk tickled his hair, his ears and his mind while he slept. Upon waking, his pillow was fluffier and all kinds of cuddly. As little boys do, his imagination made a friend of the pillow, gave it lots of hugs and read it his favourite books. Lunchtime rolled by and he gave half his cupcake to his new pal.

When captain planet came on tv the curious little boy reenacted the best scenes imagining his pillow as his fellow planeteer. And when his dad came home and messed his hair affectionately, he insisted his pillow recieve a greeting too.

"oh, what's his name, little one?" his father questioned. And that left the little boy decended in silence. What's in a name? The little boy didn't know. Everyone already had names when he met them, sometimes more than one. Like Uncle Jimmy who answered to James by his wife. Or Daddy, who everyone else seemed to think was called George.

But all the names this youngster thought of were taken already. And his fluffy new friend was no Jackie, Sam, Ayano or Peter. No, the friends in his street already had first dibs, and his fluffy friend was unique and quite different, and couldn't borrow a name this boy had heard before.

When bedtime rolled round he'd been thinking so hard, but he just didn't have any ideas that he felt matched. Feeling quite despondent, cuddled up to his pillow in a silent apology. The pillow would cuddle back if it could, but being a pillow had no arms and could feel the quiet emptiness the boy was feeling, opened its eyes and its mouth and tried to reassure him.

Now monsters are like different people all over the world, they dont match you or me. This new pillow found his voice sounded quite different, and his reassurances came out as gargles.

At the sudden noise from his previously lifeless pillow friend, the boy sat up. Round eyed, he watched on and the pillow opened his mouth wider and tried again. Gargling and gulping, turned out to be the voice of this new fluffy friend.

But the curious little boy understood the intentions, and hugged his new friend tight.

"Your words sound like gulping and other wishful sounds. Your first word I heard was Ohgi, and Ohgi you will be."

In excitement and joy, this boy ran to his father, told him the evening events with a smile as big as the world. Daddy nodded indulgently, thinking of young boys' imaginations and dreams; of how they could seem alive. But the boy knew the truth and so did Ohgi.

Ohgi was the result of an unfruitful relationship with a mop and a Jesus.
He graduated top of his class in Law from Harvard.
Man, those were fun times. Ohgi would stay up all night with his frat brothers drinking and courting ladies. He still managed to top his classes even with constant hangovers and herpes.
Unfortunately, law firms weren't as accepting as his college friends. The interviewers would recoil in horror at the sight of him, "Arrrghhhh Ewwwww! Get him away from me!" They'd cry."You smell of old socks and not nice things!" Ohgi became a street wanderer. Eating out of the trash and making aluminuim cans into fruit bowls.
Hobbo monsters are often targeted by police and would recieve regular beatings. The police would kick him around like a football. Officer Stoneson was the worst. He would kick Ohgi into puddles and mace him in his little monster face.
So one day Ohgi bit off Oficer Stonesons head and stump f**ked

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, DANG IT ! I really got to stop doing that.
Anyway let's get back to the story, one day in an artic tundra a little monster was born,
he lived a normal life until he turned 13. On the day of his thirteenth bithday he got a
mini computer ball, when he pressed the red button a hologram appeard. The image on the
hologram said, " I need you Ohgi-One i need you!". So Ohgi knew what he had to do, he had
to save the republic from the evil Darth Nader. So he grabbed his trusty light saber, hopped
into his X-wing Fighter and away he went. Once Ohgi found Varth Dader he opened his light
saber and his friends the totoros came to help. Varth Dader took out his light saber too
and calledin Foba Bett to take care of the totoros. But then, with one slash Ohgi cut Foba
Bett in two. Then he had to take care of Varth Dader, so Oghi and the totoros ganged up on
him but Dader push the totoros away. Then Ohgi had a vision of his father Gui-Kwan-Jin
he said, "remember Ohgi use the force". Then Ohgi used the force to throw his light saber
onto a luckily placed chandelear right above Dader's head, and BAM it crushed his head.
So he went in front of a polka dot wall and screamed in victory.

P.S. my email is

Ohgi has three eyes. This is so he can steal your nachos, but don't worry, he's not very good at it.
A few years, he saw eyes going cheap at the Body Shop across the road (3 for 2) but didn't have enough money and so had to steal some of the out-of-date ones the shop threw in the Dumpster the next day.
And that's why he's still not a good nacho-stealer.
But don't worry, the other monsters usually pretend they can't see him sneaking up to the nachos, and he stays fed.
(contact me at

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