New Work on Wednesday


Monstroctopus order! I also put up a listing for a remade version of it on my shop.

Kittysaurus for a trade with marymaryhandmade! It stands at abboout 7 inches tall, 11 inches long.

 Better picture of Superboy & Robin!  Also added the cape! Now off to their new home. :)

Work in progress! Almost done plush version of my friends creature, Bobo.  Just gotta attach the limbs & add the doll joints. :D

SNEAK PEEK at the plush I'm working on for The Last Unicorn Art show coming up in April!  I'm really excited about them!  I think I may make the butterfly a whole separate plush instead of it being part of the unicorn as well.

Also designed this for a tshirt I'm working on with my friend Jake to be put out soon!  Updates with colors later!

That's it for now!  Next week I'll have more finished work to show (I hope!)

Monster & Music Monday!


I seem to remember to update only on the days I have scheduled to post things.  I think I'll add Friday onto my weekly posts, but think of something cool to post about!  What would you be interested in? :)

This Monday I decided to search through Etsy to find some awesome monster accessories. :D  So you can have your monster, and use it too.

I couldn't help but post about this!  This is so me!  Hello Deer Zipper Pouch by kukubee  I looove that print!  If you like pandas, deer or zombies you should probably check out her shop right now. :D

This is definitely something I haven't seen before!  Dinosaur transmission cover by talkproof.  Clever!!

Monster finger puppets!!  That's an accessory, right? Well it is to me!  I have three of these little guys myself!  From Happycloud. :)

Neon green Frankenstein bag!  I have this as well & I have to feature it because I love it.  You can get the same print on a shirt as well. :)  From theboldbanana!

Monster PurseRex by squirrelmomma! I love this because it's so simple but so professional and clean looking.  Plus I haven't seen someone use one of those closures on a creature purse before, and I love it!

& Last is this fantastic Elk hat I found on thefunkyskunk's shop!  I love it so much, and this could inspire so many other awesome antlered hats!

And... an 8 track mix!

New Work on Wednesday


This week had a lot of monstroctopuses, and some new things I haven't done before or in a looong time!  Really excited to show some of this stuff!  Above is a remade version of one of my older monstroctopuses, Squimby.  The little can of MONSTER JUICE is velcroed to his tentacle!

A better picture of the Keeby monster I posted last week!  So so glad the snow is finally melted so I can take outdoorsy pictures. :)

A totally custom medium monstroctopus! They chose the colors. :)

Made three monster pouches!  The one on the left was a custom order, but I made the other two for my shop!  I lined the black ones with fleece, and the white one with a sweet cotton printttt!

Birthday present for my love, David!  Based off of the goblin monster he made for his sketchbook iPhone app, you can see his original illustration here:
I stuffed his head & belly so he stuck out from the fabric like he's some sort of plush wall art!  He was really fun to make, I'm happy with it & Dave loved it!

Progress picture!

And... I painted!!  I haven't painted anything in a lonnng time, and anything this big well, ever I don't think haha.  12 x 12 inch custom acrylic painting!  They wanted a yeti & a narwhal hanging out, and this is what I did!  Click the photo to see it better. :)

& I will end this again with a happy photo from this weekend...


Monster & Music Monday!


Okay so it's not TECHNICALLY Monday anymore, but gimme a break I was painting all day. D:

Here's some monstery art from my Deviantart favorites.

Octo Fett by Jasinki.  He has a whole series of these, they're all awesome.  I want one. D:

Sweet Tooth by Jefita.  Love the shading!

This is your last BBQ by Kontrastt.  This would make a fantastic shirt, as would all of his other designs.  CHECK THEM OUT.

Jackalope Sculpt by MissMonster.  I don't know what to say about this because it's so ridiculously cool.  I gasped outloud when I saw it.  I god damn love it!

Transmet Cat by Icarus126.  Just seriously well done and you can never go wrong with a siamese cat. :D

& last but not least, BLOOD & BEERS by my boyfriend, Dave Rapoza.  This is the cover art to his sketchbook iphone app that got released!  I used it as my inspiration for something I made for him for his birthday that I'll post up later. :D

No time to make a 8 track tonight but I'll leave you with this music video!  I love the music video, and the song is growing on me. :D

New Work on Wednesday


Adding another weekly post to the schedule!  Mondays are for music & monster features, and Wednesdays are to feature all the new work I've been doing throughout the week!  This way I can remember to actually post certain things on certain days instead of being lost as to what to share!
I think I'll also be adding "Sewing Saturday" where I talk about supplies, and tips and people who're helping out other people learn!  But that'll start NEXT Saturday since this weekend is an all weekend birthday party for the boyfriend woooo!

NOW! Here's a teal monster octopus I made to add to the shop!
This creature had the same sort of parents as my other monstroctopuses, but the genes on the octopus side took over. The only parts of this creature that are the monstery are it's vivid colors and long, shaggy fur. Still just as soft and wonderful as any of the others, but a little more shy.

I also finished my submission to the Schmancy Plush Olympics! My category was figure skating. :D  Keep an eye out for the other entries to be put up in the Plush you blog soon!

You may have seen Gaston Gustave's breakthrough moves and jaw-dropping jumps at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics!
He came into the competition as the underdog, because he was the shortest and furriest of all the contenders. But the crowd was dazzled by his movements, and enthralled by his Ziggy Stardust-like apparel! And he came out in the end with a gold medal.
Unfortunately, this is going to be his last year at the Olympics, because his wife just gave birth to a litter of 10 monster pups.
He was up on my shop, but now he's sold!

Some little monsters sent to Boston for a show!

A custom order, now (mostly) finished! Of superboy & Robi.  Just gotta add Robin's cape! (Cause I forgot)  Robins head looks wonky here, I swear it's just the angle of the photo. :C

& 1/2 of a custom order (the rest I'm still working on) of a remade version of one of my older monsters!

& I thought I would end this with a happy family photo!  The boyfriend, pup & I in some ridiiiccuuulouusly beautiful weather. :D :D :D

Monster & Music Monday!


Almost forgot to update this today!  And with only 30 minutes left of Monday, oops.  So wrapped up in work, so much to do!

Here's some of my favorite monsters from this week!  Gonna try to have zero plush in this one, only different mediums!

Monsters by Cali-Akg

So so so so cool FOUR FOOT tall monster painting by Alex Carlson

Street Art monsters!  (I've always wanted to try this :O) by formatbrain

I absolutely love everything Bue does!  He makes more detailed paintings than this, but I love these giant face paintings the most because it looks as if the buildings/walls he paints are alive.  I also love those flower-like outlines, so cool.

Animation sheet by Redlich.  Awesome.  I love animation, and I love thisss!

Freaking amazing custom shoes by TheGrossUncle.  (Also an awesome name hahah)

And an 8 track as well!  Hope you guys are actually listening to these & I'm not wasting my time making them. D:  Oh well, I listen to them, haha.

I also heard back from Renegade about my application.  I didn't get in immediately :( :( but I got put on the waiting list which they said a "select few" got chosen for.  So I guess there's still hope for that, just disappointing that I wasn't one of the ones selected to be in the show right away.  Trying to think of what I could have done differently for next time to get in! :(  I hope someone leaves so I'll be able to squeeze in, I really wanted to be in that show.

Also! I finished my Plush Olympics entry last night.  Will be posting up pictures tomorrow (Which is the deadline, ahh)

More monstroctopi! & shop additions


Two new monstroctopuses!  Named Roary & Grauri.

The top one was put up on my shop (sold now!) & the bottom one was a custom request. :D

Also!  Two new items added to my shop, smaller items, but still worth mentioning!

Yeti pirahna, one of the fiercest and most vicious creatures ever to swim the arctic seas. Many know about the yeti crab, a furry and large arctic crab, but that shellfish is much gentler than it's piranha cousin.

& a new little newborn monster!

Working on pattern/photo tutorial pdfs to put on the shop for cheap!  Probably only $3-4 each.  I'm trying to find new ways to make extra money, I'm saving up to move to the west coast this summer! Seatttlleeeee!

Monster & Music Monday!


I wanted to start having a biweekly update where I have specific things I talk about, starting now!  So every Monday I want to talk about music & monsters!  I'll feature some of my favorite monsters I've found online, and then post an 8 track mix of some of my favorite music from the week. :)  Sound good?

I also wanted to do another one where I give tips on sewing & giving resources for stitches, fabric & other things (Tips Tuesday?  Sewing Saturday? Suggestions?)

One thing I love doing to check out new peoples work is going into the Plush section of Etsy & clicking the tag of "monster" & just looking through.  For this first update I'm just going to share monsters I found while searching monster on Etsy!

Morninglori is someone who's work I've always looked up to!  I love her combination of prints with the faux fur lining the back.  Her designs are so simple but really memorable & unique. :D

Angdavidson... pretty much amazing.  All knit squid monster, that's HUGE.  Over 4 1/2 feet long!  This is just so so cool.  I love the mix & match color schemes of all her work, so beautiful.

Diane Koss is one of the hardest working plush makers I think I've ever seen!  Everything she makes is handsewn with so much love, and every  monster is big!  This guy for example is 18" tall and 14" across!  All her monsters are fantastic, but I was drawn to this one specifically because the fur reminds me of the night sky.

Pipapiep!  She is amazing (I think they're a she.)  It was hard to choose just one of her needle-felted goodnesses to feature because they're all so different!  Definitely check out her shop & see some of the monstery needle-felted scenes she does as well!

I follow Grelinmachin on deviantart because I love her creations!  They're so imaginative & silly looking, & always have some sort of blank-eyed goofy expression on their faces that I loove.

& now for the music part, this is a small 8 track mix of the music that inspires me or gets me moving while I'm creating!  Try giving it a listen while you work on things. :)