Monster & Music Monday!


I seem to remember to update only on the days I have scheduled to post things.  I think I'll add Friday onto my weekly posts, but think of something cool to post about!  What would you be interested in? :)

This Monday I decided to search through Etsy to find some awesome monster accessories. :D  So you can have your monster, and use it too.

I couldn't help but post about this!  This is so me!  Hello Deer Zipper Pouch by kukubee  I looove that print!  If you like pandas, deer or zombies you should probably check out her shop right now. :D

This is definitely something I haven't seen before!  Dinosaur transmission cover by talkproof.  Clever!!

Monster finger puppets!!  That's an accessory, right? Well it is to me!  I have three of these little guys myself!  From Happycloud. :)

Neon green Frankenstein bag!  I have this as well & I have to feature it because I love it.  You can get the same print on a shirt as well. :)  From theboldbanana!

Monster PurseRex by squirrelmomma! I love this because it's so simple but so professional and clean looking.  Plus I haven't seen someone use one of those closures on a creature purse before, and I love it!

& Last is this fantastic Elk hat I found on thefunkyskunk's shop!  I love it so much, and this could inspire so many other awesome antlered hats!

And... an 8 track mix!

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Two things...

One, Ohgi made it safe and sound!!! He's so amazingly soft, I was shocked!!! I will have to take a photo :)

Two, I really appreciate Monster Mondays! I have found so many great crafters through here already!!!! Thank you!

Hello maker of beautiful things!!

I had a lovely surprise recently when I had huge spike in visitors to my blog - I discovered it was down to you, linking to my post about the Last Unicorn Art Show! Weee!

Anyway, I'm glad you did because I found the amazing things you make, and here's a little ditty for you:


Heather- That's awesome! & thank you for the suggestions! It's a good idea to ask for people to recommend monster makers, because I haven't seen them all! :)

Thea- Thanks so much for the feature! :D I liked how you posted about the last unicorn show much more than the real blog about it haha, much more eye appealing ;)

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