Big ol' overdue update


Wow I haven't posted in over a month.  I am horrible!
Things have been busy busy on my end!  Moved into a pretty sweet new place in Boston, & check out my new workspace!
I love it so far, I still have a lot to add to the walls! :D

Here's a bunch of stuff I've been workin on!  If you wanna see any of these bigger, right click "View Image" :)
 These three monstroctopi I made for the Plush You! Seattle show, opening October 8th! 

 Ginko the Glow in the Dark Bear kid!  Now available on the shhhhoppp!

Little pumpkins!  For the Plush Team shop. :)

 Fall leaves!  Also for the Plush Team shop.

 Custom ice cream cone!  Contact me if you'd like your own. :)

& a Koala made for the shop! (Now sold)

Still have more stuff I've finished but haven't photographed yet! Another update soon. (: