Plush You Seattle, New work, & 8track mixxx


 So Plush You! opened Columbus Day weekend in Seattle & Sarah Crain was kind enough to take a picture of my items on display at it!  Here they are:
If you live in the area, you should totally check it out.  Also, check out photos of other items on Schmancy Toy's Flickr.

Also, here is some new work!
 Newborn Owlets, one custom order, one in the shop!

 Custom order Halloween kids!  Witch & Vampire, really love how they came out :D

Cat!  One of my designs from a long time ago, remade for fun.  Gonna be put up on my shop laaater!

& a custom order monstroctopus!  They drew out what they wanted & I made it!

Also! Haven't posted one of these in awhile, made an 8track playlist, have a listen (:

Newborns, Brumbo, ALOT, and a lot more!


 New new new newwww stuff!
 Brumbo the Bumblebee Kid!
Been wanting to make a Bumblebee kid for awhile, finally found the time!
Brumbo's favorite thing in the world, is the bumblebee. Unlike most children who run or scream when a bee is near the, Brumbo is fascinated. He loves their color, and how they look fuzzy and soft. Every year he demands to be a bumblebee for Halloween, and refuses to be anything else.
Up for grabs here!

 Custom Beanie pair!  Made to look like a couple whose anniversary is coming up.  If you'd like your own pair, contact me!

 8 new newborns for the shop! :D

Custom order for SqueakySun! Based off of her octopus illustration.

 An ALOT.  I like this alot.  The Alot is from the blog Hyperbole & a half!  Here! 

Two pairs of earrings now on my shop on SALE as two for one!
Get both pairs for the price of one pair of monster earrings. :)

Also, please leave a comment on this post if you have any suggestions for things I should make in the future!  Remade versions of an old design you liked, or something new I've never done before that you'd like to see!

Thanks! <3