Snooow! & shop update


As much as the snow makes everything look beautiful, I am so so sick of it.  I love snow, but the amount I get living in New Hampshire is so ridiculous.  I think I've seen/been in enough snow to last me 10 lifetimes.  It snowed pretty much all weekend here, couldn't leave the house even if I wanted to!
This photo was taken once it had died down, but I thought it was soo pretty.  This is the river right in front of the ski resort I live on.
(This photo credit to Devin)

 The pup loooves the snow, which is adorable.  She chases after snowballs and likes to knock down snowmen every time we try to put one up!

This snowmonster found in my backyard one morning when I woke up!  Dave & Devin made it while I was asleep Saturday morning. Taken from my backdoor!  It's much bigger than it looks here. 

In a non-snow related addition, I also am putting up five more newborn monsters onto my shop for anyone interested. (Two of these in the picture have been claimed) :D  Some bigger monsters & pictures coming tomorrow.  & a giveaway!

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i want some snow :)
i like your dog, what breed is he?

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