Livestream & Chat!


Tomorrow I am doing a Q& A and Livestream through Deviantart!
They're doing a Chat Week & asked if I could answer questions while sewing live!  I'll be working on one of these for two hours (I didn't cut out everything yet of course, but got a head start):

It's going on tomorrow from 6-8pm PST  Go here: to figure out what time it'd be in your area.

More info about it & a lovely feature here:

& You can get directly to the chat link for tomorrow here! 
(You need to be a member of Deviantart to access the chat so you may want to do that ahead of time, only takes a minute!)

I hope to see you there!

Trade with DanielleoRamarama!


Look what showed up at my house last week!  The most amazing gigantic nautilus plush made by the most amazing Danielle! (Check out her stufffff)

The creator with her nautilus (:

In exchange for this masterful sea creature I made her a Catopus based off of her real life cat, Guppy!  What an appropriate name for a Cat octopus :D

I loved it so much, I did not want to give it away.  But it's in a better place now, look how pumped Danielle & Guppy were to receive it! :D
What an awesome trade.

 & keeping up with the sea creature theme, here's a song I love by a band called The Octopus Project!   Pretty cute music video too. (:

Tuesday's tunes, I donno, and some stuff.


Listen to this while you look at my blog!  I made an 8 track mix of music I've been listening to a ton lately. Happy stuff mostly. :)

Okay! & Now some new work!

TrapJaw custom order.  He's one of the bad guys from He-Man.  (What he really looks like:

He's so tiny! Just under 6 inches tall. (:

Custom order Princess Drizzle!  I take custom orders for any sort of ice cream bunny, just tell me the colors you'd like or any theme you'd like it to have! :D  I've made zombie drizzles, mutant two-headed ones, and then ones in all kinds of ice cream flavors.

Custom order Jack O' Monstroctopus! Also taking custom orders for these, you can design the face!

& some new additions in the shopppp:
Moustached lumps!

& a big Arctic Monstroctopus.  Tried something new with the tentacles & used pom-poms.  I like it!

& I got a new sewing machine today!
It's this:

I've never heard of the brand before, but I got it from an adorable old lady off craigslist, barely used, and it's wonderful.  SO now I'll be pumping new work out fast again, horray!

New Recent Work!


Haven't been able to pump out those plushies as often as I usually do due to these two recent huge commissions, & due to a lot of off time visiting family!

Here's the first one I finished recently, MUMM-RA, the everlivingggggg!

For those of you who know who he is, you're awesome, but for those who don't, don't feel too bad.  Here's a video of him the way he really looks:

He's the villian from an old cartoon show I loove called the Thundercats!

He's huge and huggable!  I forgot to measure him before I sent him out to his new home, but you can tell by this photo how large he is. :D

 Process photo with my original drawing of him

& I also recently finished a big bulk order for Bernadette's Kitty Goodies
10 of 'em!  My biggest bulk order (for the same thing) so far! :)

In progress pictures:

Also!  I'm having a GIVEAWAY on my Facebook fanpage!  All you have to do is leave a comment on the status about the giveaway to be entered & I'll choose the winner randomly.  Winner gets a mystery newborn monster!
 I was going to announce the winner tonight, but then I realized I won't be around, so winner will be announced tomorrow!

Oh heeeeeeyy


Oh wow it's been over a month!  Tons of apologies for being a horrible blog lady!

I have good reason for being gone so long, though.  I moved out of my place in NH, and stayed in CT for a month to visit family & go to my little sisters high school graduation & grad parties! Now I'm in MA in my two month temporary home, saving up for the big Seattle move. :D  I already miss my family & friends back home in CT in anticipation of being so far away from them.

Some photographic highlights from last month:

Got to see my best palssss

Rainbow scratchies

Got our faces painted by my wonderful 5 year old cousin.

The graduate <3

Sparkler/glowstick dance fest

all day puppy party <3

Post with new work next!