New Work on Wednesday


Adding another weekly post to the schedule!  Mondays are for music & monster features, and Wednesdays are to feature all the new work I've been doing throughout the week!  This way I can remember to actually post certain things on certain days instead of being lost as to what to share!
I think I'll also be adding "Sewing Saturday" where I talk about supplies, and tips and people who're helping out other people learn!  But that'll start NEXT Saturday since this weekend is an all weekend birthday party for the boyfriend woooo!

NOW! Here's a teal monster octopus I made to add to the shop!
This creature had the same sort of parents as my other monstroctopuses, but the genes on the octopus side took over. The only parts of this creature that are the monstery are it's vivid colors and long, shaggy fur. Still just as soft and wonderful as any of the others, but a little more shy.

I also finished my submission to the Schmancy Plush Olympics! My category was figure skating. :D  Keep an eye out for the other entries to be put up in the Plush you blog soon!

You may have seen Gaston Gustave's breakthrough moves and jaw-dropping jumps at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics!
He came into the competition as the underdog, because he was the shortest and furriest of all the contenders. But the crowd was dazzled by his movements, and enthralled by his Ziggy Stardust-like apparel! And he came out in the end with a gold medal.
Unfortunately, this is going to be his last year at the Olympics, because his wife just gave birth to a litter of 10 monster pups.
He was up on my shop, but now he's sold!

Some little monsters sent to Boston for a show!

A custom order, now (mostly) finished! Of superboy & Robi.  Just gotta add Robin's cape! (Cause I forgot)  Robins head looks wonky here, I swear it's just the angle of the photo. :C

& 1/2 of a custom order (the rest I'm still working on) of a remade version of one of my older monsters!

& I thought I would end this with a happy family photo!  The boyfriend, pup & I in some ridiiiccuuulouusly beautiful weather. :D :D :D

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it's not a real family photo unless you're all wearing terrible sweaters.

well if you zoom in dave's got a terribly subtle creepy expression on, does that count

I love your posts they are fun to read, and I especially like your figure skating monster - cool blades.

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