Plush You Seattle, New work, & 8track mixxx


 So Plush You! opened Columbus Day weekend in Seattle & Sarah Crain was kind enough to take a picture of my items on display at it!  Here they are:
If you live in the area, you should totally check it out.  Also, check out photos of other items on Schmancy Toy's Flickr.

Also, here is some new work!
 Newborn Owlets, one custom order, one in the shop!

 Custom order Halloween kids!  Witch & Vampire, really love how they came out :D

Cat!  One of my designs from a long time ago, remade for fun.  Gonna be put up on my shop laaater!

& a custom order monstroctopus!  They drew out what they wanted & I made it!

Also! Haven't posted one of these in awhile, made an 8track playlist, have a listen (:

Newborns, Brumbo, ALOT, and a lot more!


 New new new newwww stuff!
 Brumbo the Bumblebee Kid!
Been wanting to make a Bumblebee kid for awhile, finally found the time!
Brumbo's favorite thing in the world, is the bumblebee. Unlike most children who run or scream when a bee is near the, Brumbo is fascinated. He loves their color, and how they look fuzzy and soft. Every year he demands to be a bumblebee for Halloween, and refuses to be anything else.
Up for grabs here!

 Custom Beanie pair!  Made to look like a couple whose anniversary is coming up.  If you'd like your own pair, contact me!

 8 new newborns for the shop! :D

Custom order for SqueakySun! Based off of her octopus illustration.

 An ALOT.  I like this alot.  The Alot is from the blog Hyperbole & a half!  Here! 

Two pairs of earrings now on my shop on SALE as two for one!
Get both pairs for the price of one pair of monster earrings. :)

Also, please leave a comment on this post if you have any suggestions for things I should make in the future!  Remade versions of an old design you liked, or something new I've never done before that you'd like to see!

Thanks! <3

Big ol' overdue update


Wow I haven't posted in over a month.  I am horrible!
Things have been busy busy on my end!  Moved into a pretty sweet new place in Boston, & check out my new workspace!
I love it so far, I still have a lot to add to the walls! :D

Here's a bunch of stuff I've been workin on!  If you wanna see any of these bigger, right click "View Image" :)
 These three monstroctopi I made for the Plush You! Seattle show, opening October 8th! 

 Ginko the Glow in the Dark Bear kid!  Now available on the shhhhoppp!

Little pumpkins!  For the Plush Team shop. :)

 Fall leaves!  Also for the Plush Team shop.

 Custom ice cream cone!  Contact me if you'd like your own. :)

& a Koala made for the shop! (Now sold)

Still have more stuff I've finished but haven't photographed yet! Another update soon. (:

Huge moving sale! In shop & bloggg


Yep, it's that time again!  Moving once again, & having another sale!  Not getting rid of as much supplies as I was before, but 1/2 the items on my shop are now in the sale section!  Click here to see them all!
Sale ends this weekend!

For these supplies I'm getting rid of, I can ONLY take Paypal at the moment.  Please send payment to & let me know what you want.
If you need help using Paypal to buy something, feel free to contact me on that email & I can help!
Fleece & fabric stash (About a yard total of maroon fleece, 1/4 ish of light yellow fleece, over 40 pieces of acrylic felt)
$12 + $4 ship US/Canada, $6 ship international

Yarn & pom poms (One full skein, two used, one big bag of pom poms)
$5 + $3 ship US/Canada, $5 international

Lots of lace, rick rack, & see through ribbons!
$5 + $3 ship US/Canada $5 international

Beads, Stretch cord, Trim & Heavy Duty Needles
$6 + $3 ship US/Canada, $5 international

Ginko the Glow in the Dark Bear!


I'd been meaning to buy glow in the dark thread for a long time now, and I finally got some last week!  I made one of my sold Grizzly Bear kid designs into a big, neon green, glow-in-the-dark pillow!
The boyfriend, best friend & I modeled it. :D

It's so biggg! 20 inches across.  Makes an awesome pillow. :)

& here's what it looks like in the dark! :)

Also! The wonderful Effunia has pictures up from the opening of Plush You! There's some ridiculously amazing work there, and see if you can spot mine! ;)

& I'll end this with a song I can't stop listening to recentlyyyy

Plush You! LA & other work


Finished my monsters for the Plush You! show opening TOMORROW NIGHT! in Los Angeles!  More info about the show here:  I wanted to make three but I spent so much time on the big yellow guy I ran out of time :(
He's got six eyes, and little felt flowers on the front, back & a few on the tentacles.
He's haaaauuuuge!  Biggest monstroctopus I've made so far I think. (:

& here's some other custom orders I've done recently!
Two Nannerpuses with pancakes!  I also put them up as made to order in my shop, and you can get as many pancakes as you want with it!

Love yeti!  Requested for a wedding present for Laura of PronouncedYou based off of her yeti character. :)

Two koalas!  Both requested at around the same time by different people.  Top one was for a "Sleepy blue love koala" & the one at the bottom is for an "evil drop bear koala"
I saved the pattern for them so I'm also taking custom orders if you wish! :)

Campin/Beach trip!


Part of the reason I haven't updated my blog in awhile is because I was busy having an awesome campin' trip with these awesome people!

My two favorite babes in the world came, my best friend (middle), & my little sister! (right)  We all spent our days at the beach, and our nights in the woods! 

Went swimmin, sand castle makin, drinkin & wiffle ball playin on the beach in the beginning of Cape Cod!

Only downside to this trip was right after this lovely family photo, my friends yanked me out with all their man strength from the sand & I heard a loud POP, that was my ankle.  It felt okay until the next day when it blew up and swelled and now it hurts to turn.  OH WELL.  Worth it.

Almost got kicked out on our last night from being loud & obnoxious until the sun came up.  We had faced our tents together like a little two part tent home & couldn't stop laughing & giggling until the park man came down & yelled at us to stop "laughing like chickens with our heads cut off!"

I ALSO have been lax on updating because I'm moving (Yes, again!) in 9 days!  To Boston, MA & I couldn't be more pumped.  My apartment costs a lot more for a lot less space but it makes up for it in that there are things to do, and many friends around to hang out with!

Soooooo I'll probably be doing another moving sale within the next few days.  Won't be getting rid of as much stuff as before but there will be a good amount.



 Time for a feature of my favorite artwork I've found recently!

Baby Cakes! With babies on top!  By Scrumptiousdelight, who is having a solo show tonight @ Schmancy!  More info here:

Matching plush & people!  I love this so so much.  By Cat Rabbit!

Jo Jo the Dog Boy by Patt Kelley.  Made with real human hair donated by his wife, haha!

Nature Boy by Thienbao.  Such a gorrrgeeeoouuss piece.  It's currently the background on my computer. :)

These are ridiculously adorable!  Sprout Tops by Mel Sung.

& I wanted to end this with an amaaaaazing digital painting someone did of me.  John Grello, you are the best! :D