Monster & Music Monday!


Okay so it's not TECHNICALLY Monday anymore, but gimme a break I was painting all day. D:

Here's some monstery art from my Deviantart favorites.

Octo Fett by Jasinki.  He has a whole series of these, they're all awesome.  I want one. D:

Sweet Tooth by Jefita.  Love the shading!

This is your last BBQ by Kontrastt.  This would make a fantastic shirt, as would all of his other designs.  CHECK THEM OUT.

Jackalope Sculpt by MissMonster.  I don't know what to say about this because it's so ridiculously cool.  I gasped outloud when I saw it.  I god damn love it!

Transmet Cat by Icarus126.  Just seriously well done and you can never go wrong with a siamese cat. :D

& last but not least, BLOOD & BEERS by my boyfriend, Dave Rapoza.  This is the cover art to his sketchbook iphone app that got released!  I used it as my inspiration for something I made for him for his birthday that I'll post up later. :D

No time to make a 8 track tonight but I'll leave you with this music video!  I love the music video, and the song is growing on me. :D

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That's not a siamese, silly.

Transmetropolitan is an excellent comic. Love the siamese-twin cat (silly annie, that's what she meant).

Video is rocking. I wanna be in that colorful world all day now.


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