New Work on Wednesday


This week had a lot of monstroctopuses, and some new things I haven't done before or in a looong time!  Really excited to show some of this stuff!  Above is a remade version of one of my older monstroctopuses, Squimby.  The little can of MONSTER JUICE is velcroed to his tentacle!

A better picture of the Keeby monster I posted last week!  So so glad the snow is finally melted so I can take outdoorsy pictures. :)

A totally custom medium monstroctopus! They chose the colors. :)

Made three monster pouches!  The one on the left was a custom order, but I made the other two for my shop!  I lined the black ones with fleece, and the white one with a sweet cotton printttt!

Birthday present for my love, David!  Based off of the goblin monster he made for his sketchbook iPhone app, you can see his original illustration here:
I stuffed his head & belly so he stuck out from the fabric like he's some sort of plush wall art!  He was really fun to make, I'm happy with it & Dave loved it!

Progress picture!

And... I painted!!  I haven't painted anything in a lonnng time, and anything this big well, ever I don't think haha.  12 x 12 inch custom acrylic painting!  They wanted a yeti & a narwhal hanging out, and this is what I did!  Click the photo to see it better. :)

& I will end this again with a happy photo from this weekend...


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I shall wait impatiently for the monster pouches to be in your shop. :)

wahaha, I love the drooling little buggers xD the pouches are so cool, I need one :)

That yeti and narwhal painting blows my mind, haha. Awesome.

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