Monster & Music Monday


Sorry, I skipped last week!  Don't worry, I haven't neglected this blog ALREADY!
Here's some favorite monsters from this (and last) week....! :D

Lotsa Monsters by imakethings

Hairwolves on Threadless.  Really awesome shirt that I think I have to buy. :D

Sweet zippered monster mouth tote by Skizzarah.  They really are sweet, I own one! <3

I looove the idea behind these!  (Click photo to see better)  Taking childrens drawings & turning them into a full illustration!

The Wendingos by Felt Mistress.  My plush idol!

This print by Jeral Tidwell is pretty much fantastic.

Gooodddd and the work of AJ Fosik is just ahhhhhh.  No words.

Also! If you have any monsters you'd like to recommend that I feature, email them to me!  Click the black & white button on the top right to send me an email. :D

& two songs!  Not my total favorite from these two, but theyre my favorite music videos, and the songs are still real good. :D

& a Goldfrapp song, they won't let me embed it :( So here's the link!

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