My New Puppy!


I missed the Monster Monday & New work posts this week because of this little wonderful ball of fluff!

Meet Khan!  The newest little fluffball of our family.  Australian Shepherd mix pup. :D

We drove 2 hours into New Hampshire to get her, totally worth it!  She's so much different than our other dog, Weeko (Who is still wonderful)  She's so outgoing and troublesome, getting into everything, and loving everybody!

Only 8 weeks old & I can't wait to see what she looks like when she's all grown up.

Poor Weeko was so stressed out when Khan came into her home, but now I think they'll be good buds, and that's awesome. :D

& I also put a little video of her up on youtube (I know, I'm obsessed, & there will be more too)

New work post coming tomorrow! :)

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Congrats on the new puppy, he's super cute!

Congrats!! I want a puppy so badly but my apartment complex doesn't allow them... Yours is so cute :)

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:D When I brought a new puppy home it was sorta the opposite. My older dog was at the Vet getting a bath so the new puppy thought he was the only one..just to later realize there was a big sister..he wasn't too happy with that at first. But now they are best friends :D

sooo cute! do you know how epically awesome it is that your other dog wears a bandanna?!

omg! sooo cute :) you tottally inspire me XD


I love you voice/accent:)

Eee thanks so much everybody! I love my pups, they're best friends now.

Elo, I give her a different colored bandana almost every week! She's on blue now. She just looks naked without one now! :B

Danielle, haha I think I was saying that cause it smelled weird over there cause I put oranges in my trash and they were getting yucky. D: Do I have an accent? hahah, I think I just have a weird voice, a connecticut accent, which means I pronounce everything hah

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