New Work on Wednesday


Not as much work this week as I'd like to show, but I've been working hard on two big plush for an awesome show!

The show is The Last Unicorn Art show, featuring lots of artists creating pieces based off of the movie!  The show opens this Friday in Chicago! (More info here: )

Some of my favorite artists, Steph Laberis, Lana Crooks & Kat Brunnegraff & more will all have pieces at this show!  I'm honored to be in a show with them. :D

Anyway, here's what I made for it!
I made the main character of the movie, the unicorn, in an inbetween state of her human & unicorn forms.

& the enemy of the movie, the Red Bull!  Used fur all around the back and body to mimic the look of his body made of fire.

They're both about 13 inches tall, with jointed arms!

Also made a custom colored Engred. :D

& made this creature for my friend Tom, based off an illustration of him

& 10 little monster babies for A Little Stranger's new online shop!  They're not up now, still in transit to her, but they will be soon so check back!

& My Last Unicorn plush is also up against some really awesome work in the Plush Team Mythology Contest!  I would really appreciate people voting on this!  Vote for your favorites in each category! :)

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just found your blog through craftster and im so in love with your work.. love all your stuff and you last unicorn plush i will have to say is one of my fav stuffies i have seen on the net in awile love it

Thanks for the kind words! :)
We totally had the same thought process for the show. I have the unicorn and butterfly and was going to make the red bull but just ran out of time. Your bull looks so squeezable!

sweet!! Love the concept of the half girl/half unicorn piece. So wish I could have made it to the opening to see everybody's awesome pieces!! : D

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