Interviews & Stores!


I have two interviews up!
One with the ArtisanCraft group on Deviantart right here.

& One with Holly of A Little Stranger, here!:

I also have work up in the A Little Stranger's shop, she's carrying a bunch of my newborn monsters in two different designs!

I also sent a big monstroctopus and five littler monsters to the shop Global Artis in Brazil!  They take online orders through their facebook fan page if you're interested in any of these little guys...

Also currently working on a big order of yetis, little monsters, earrings & illustrations for the Here Gallery in Bristol, United Kingdom!
And also another order for Kooky, a children's shop in Chicago, IL!

My two pieces for The Last Unicorn Art Show are still there as well, for a few more days at the Tattoo Factory Gallery in Chicago, IL!  Pictures of the show & some of the amazzzing work at the blog here.

It's really exciting having my work all over the place!  I hope some day I'll actually be able to visit a place that carries some of my work!

New work!


Here's what I've been working on for the past two(ish) weeks!

Honey Bear Octopus (available in the shop)

Sleepy Pandoctopus  (available in the shop)

Inverse Pandoctopus (available in the shop)

Also made a timelapse of me making the pandoctopus!

The freckle-butted sasquatch (custom order)

Skeleton Yetis! (available in the shop, 6 diff colors!)

Custom yetis, pumpkin yeti & zombie yeti. :D

Love yetis! Custom orders.

Custom illustration for TylerPoncho, of her monsters & a couple of mine! (You can get your own custom illustration here)

More coming soon!

My New Puppy!


I missed the Monster Monday & New work posts this week because of this little wonderful ball of fluff!

Meet Khan!  The newest little fluffball of our family.  Australian Shepherd mix pup. :D

We drove 2 hours into New Hampshire to get her, totally worth it!  She's so much different than our other dog, Weeko (Who is still wonderful)  She's so outgoing and troublesome, getting into everything, and loving everybody!

Only 8 weeks old & I can't wait to see what she looks like when she's all grown up.

Poor Weeko was so stressed out when Khan came into her home, but now I think they'll be good buds, and that's awesome. :D

& I also put a little video of her up on youtube (I know, I'm obsessed, & there will be more too)

New work post coming tomorrow! :)

New Work on Wednesday


Not as much work this week as I'd like to show, but I've been working hard on two big plush for an awesome show!

The show is The Last Unicorn Art show, featuring lots of artists creating pieces based off of the movie!  The show opens this Friday in Chicago! (More info here: )

Some of my favorite artists, Steph Laberis, Lana Crooks & Kat Brunnegraff & more will all have pieces at this show!  I'm honored to be in a show with them. :D

Anyway, here's what I made for it!
I made the main character of the movie, the unicorn, in an inbetween state of her human & unicorn forms.

& the enemy of the movie, the Red Bull!  Used fur all around the back and body to mimic the look of his body made of fire.

They're both about 13 inches tall, with jointed arms!

Also made a custom colored Engred. :D

& made this creature for my friend Tom, based off an illustration of him

& 10 little monster babies for A Little Stranger's new online shop!  They're not up now, still in transit to her, but they will be soon so check back!

& My Last Unicorn plush is also up against some really awesome work in the Plush Team Mythology Contest!  I would really appreciate people voting on this!  Vote for your favorites in each category! :)

Monster & Music Monday


Sorry, I skipped last week!  Don't worry, I haven't neglected this blog ALREADY!
Here's some favorite monsters from this (and last) week....! :D

Lotsa Monsters by imakethings

Hairwolves on Threadless.  Really awesome shirt that I think I have to buy. :D

Sweet zippered monster mouth tote by Skizzarah.  They really are sweet, I own one! <3

I looove the idea behind these!  (Click photo to see better)  Taking childrens drawings & turning them into a full illustration!

The Wendingos by Felt Mistress.  My plush idol!

This print by Jeral Tidwell is pretty much fantastic.

Gooodddd and the work of AJ Fosik is just ahhhhhh.  No words.

Also! If you have any monsters you'd like to recommend that I feature, email them to me!  Click the black & white button on the top right to send me an email. :D

& two songs!  Not my total favorite from these two, but theyre my favorite music videos, and the songs are still real good. :D

& a Goldfrapp song, they won't let me embed it :( So here's the link!

Ahhhh beautiful day!


Took most of the day off from sewing anything because it was SO DAMN WONDERFUL OUT!
Went into the woods with the pup and took a bunch of pictures there/in our backyard. :D

The camera died a little bit after that, but then I got a new battery & took pictures with my new tripod while we hung out in the beautiful beautiful sun.  Man I missed it.
Good good good lovely wonderful fun. :D

Also made these animations from pictures today hahaha love themm


I also wanted to post about the Plush Team book, but since this post is so hugely full of pictures, I'll wait till later to do that!
Now off to CT to hang out with family & friends for Easter.  See you Monday for Monster & Muisc Monday!