Tuesday's tunes, I donno, and some stuff.


Listen to this while you look at my blog!  I made an 8 track mix of music I've been listening to a ton lately. Happy stuff mostly. :)

Okay! & Now some new work!

TrapJaw custom order.  He's one of the bad guys from He-Man.  (What he really looks like: http://www.madhattersneverland.com/checklists/ActionFigures/MOTU_Checklist/images/trapjaw.jpg)

He's so tiny! Just under 6 inches tall. (:

Custom order Princess Drizzle!  I take custom orders for any sort of ice cream bunny, just tell me the colors you'd like or any theme you'd like it to have! :D  I've made zombie drizzles, mutant two-headed ones, and then ones in all kinds of ice cream flavors.

Custom order Jack O' Monstroctopus! Also taking custom orders for these, you can design the face!

& some new additions in the shopppp:
Moustached lumps!

& a big Arctic Monstroctopus.  Tried something new with the tentacles & used pom-poms.  I like it!

& I got a new sewing machine today!
It's this:

I've never heard of the brand before, but I got it from an adorable old lady off craigslist, barely used, and it's wonderful.  SO now I'll be pumping new work out fast again, horray!

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Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pumpkin!!!

I absolutely love the pumpkin plush! I'd love to get a custom order of one of these sooner or later, so how much would one cost?

Tyler... thanks!! Glad to know people are listening to it. :D

Chelsea... theyre $45 + ship unless you want a mini one, which would probably be arrrounndd $30 + ship

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i enjoyed the mix :D

do you like la roux?
i'm late on the bandwagon.

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