Trade with DanielleoRamarama!


Look what showed up at my house last week!  The most amazing gigantic nautilus plush made by the most amazing Danielle! (Check out her stufffff)

The creator with her nautilus (:

In exchange for this masterful sea creature I made her a Catopus based off of her real life cat, Guppy!  What an appropriate name for a Cat octopus :D

I loved it so much, I did not want to give it away.  But it's in a better place now, look how pumped Danielle & Guppy were to receive it! :D
What an awesome trade.

 & keeping up with the sea creature theme, here's a song I love by a band called The Octopus Project!   Pretty cute music video too. (:

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I looooove The Octopus Project, easily one of my favorite bands. You really have to see them live if you ever get the chance, they always have like 20+ instruments on stage (including the theramin *drool*).

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