New Recent Work!


Haven't been able to pump out those plushies as often as I usually do due to these two recent huge commissions, & due to a lot of off time visiting family!

Here's the first one I finished recently, MUMM-RA, the everlivingggggg!

For those of you who know who he is, you're awesome, but for those who don't, don't feel too bad.  Here's a video of him the way he really looks:

He's the villian from an old cartoon show I loove called the Thundercats!

He's huge and huggable!  I forgot to measure him before I sent him out to his new home, but you can tell by this photo how large he is. :D

 Process photo with my original drawing of him

& I also recently finished a big bulk order for Bernadette's Kitty Goodies
10 of 'em!  My biggest bulk order (for the same thing) so far! :)

In progress pictures:

Also!  I'm having a GIVEAWAY on my Facebook fanpage!  All you have to do is leave a comment on the status about the giveaway to be entered & I'll choose the winner randomly.  Winner gets a mystery newborn monster!
 I was going to announce the winner tonight, but then I realized I won't be around, so winner will be announced tomorrow!

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Espectacular mumraaa!!!!
Saludos desde Argentina!

I loved Thundercats! Your Mum-ra is awesome!

You made an army of kitties! Jeeze, you've been busy! I haven't seen thundercats but when I get back to the land of fast internet I'll check it out.

I have you added on facebook too but I thought I'd just show you quickly...

I made a pineapple and a sloth!

Your work inspired me to learn to hand sew... even though I'm still quite dodgy at it. That's kind of epic because I'm more than a little lazy! :P

So thank you!

hey im steph. i was wondering if you get allot of sales on i was planning to do some selling there if they had good sales.

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