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I get a lot of questions from people about where I get my fabric & fur, so I decided to compile all (or most) of the online things I use every day!

Since I live in the middle of the mountains, there's NOWHERE to get supplies that isn't an hour + away from me, so I have to get really good at scouring the internet for good stuff!
-Usually I can get a family member to mail me acrylic felt from home, but sometimes I have to buy it online! Lupin is a great source for acrylic felt. She'll send you a rainbow pack with 60 felt squares, or you can choose a pack with a general color theme like pastels or brights.

-If you prefer using Wool Felt, I was recommended this site by Nonesuch who uses it for her amazing little creatures! The plus about wool felt is that it comes in way more beautiful colors than acrylic & is a bit softer. Downside is that it costs 2-3 times more. Another good place I've used is AMarketCollection on Etsy.

-Cotton printed fabric I just search through Etsy or Ebay to find something pretty with good deals. I usually just buy fat quarters since I don't usually use cotton very often.

-And faux fur! Which is what I get asked about ALL the time, more than anything else, so I'll try to go into more detail about each site I use for it.

Distinctivefabric- I probably use this site more than any of the others. Plus sides- They have a huge selection with really cool stuff, and they're one of the cheaper sites. If you sign up with them you get 5 free swatches immediately (Which you can use for smaller things/accent bits), and you get 5 free swatches each time you order fabric from them. They also have monthly discounts they email to you. Down sides- The shipping is expensive, you can only buy a minimum of one yard of the fur, and sometimes the fur takes a long time to get to you.

Mendels- Plus Sides- They have SO MUCH FUR. So much cool looking stuff. Biggest selection I've ever seen. They let you buy a minimum of 1/2 yard, and the shipping isn't too expensive. Down sides- Some of the fur is ridiculously expensive, some up to $35 a yard. Plus Sides- Way cheaper than any other site. Lets you buy a minimum of 1/2 yard. The fluffy fur is nice, and they have solid colored fur for a decent amount. Shipping is fast. Down Sides- The short plush fur is barely even fur, and there isn't a wide selection.

Etsy & Ebay- Plus Sides- You can find awesome deals from people getting rid of their fabric stash. Down Sides- It's never consistant with what's available.

My next post I'll try to talk about the sites & books I've learned more about sewing from!
Hope this was helpful :D

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The redesign looks great!
It's overwhelming to see all Mendels fur in person, there really is so much amazing stuff!

This was super helpful. I'm always scrounging around etsy for fun fabrics and fur, so this definitely makes it easier!

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