New work!


New work! (Click the photos to see larger)
Been working my ass off and finally got around to taking pictures of things (Still havent taken photos of some smaller stuff. My hands hurt just thinking about all the other orders on my todo list!

The Pandoctopus (now sold)

More illusive than the giant squid, happier than the fresh water dolphin, and quite possibly the only fish covered entirely with fur. The Pandoctopus is a mysterious crossbreed between a panda and an octopus. Scientists are baffled as to how this creature came about, because no panda has ever been recorded as being able to swim.
Nevertheless, this Pandoctopus is being put up for adoption by the PCS (Pandoctopus Conservation Squad) in hopes that he will find a good home.

Two custom yetis & a sasquatch

Two custom Engreds (the right one was the one featured in my timelapse :D

I also put together a little 8 track mix of music I've been loving to listen to recently while I work. Let me know if you like this, and I'll do it more often!

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Those guys are so cute. You are really talented! I'd love to buy a bunch but my husband would kill me. Just wait 'till I have kids.

Aww, I love the Yetis and the Sasquatch. They're so cute I want them all.

Love the Yeti's so much!! I also really enjoyed the music. :D

Awesome Chelseaaaa! I really love yeti/sasquatch dudes. And the 8 track player is a really good idea :D

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