I LOVE getting pictures from customers, or artwork from fans.
I've gotten so many seriously awesome pictures/art from people over the past few years I've been making my monsters! I wanted to post some of my favorites for the wooorld to see! (Click any of them to see them bigger)

From the awesome KittyPinkStars

My little cousin :D

This one & the one below done by the boyfriend
I want to thank every single person who has ever bought anything from me, and especially anyone who has ever sent me me a picture or a piece of art. You have kept me fueled financially and emotionally to keep me pursuing my dream!
Much much much love,
PS. If you want to send me a photo, just email it to me! loveandasandwich(at)gmail(dot)com I would love it so much.

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Awesome! I love doin fanart for my Chelseaaaaa! :D

Devin, the one by you & Clo was my favorite too! But that was more of a birthday present. :D

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