Campin/Beach trip!


Part of the reason I haven't updated my blog in awhile is because I was busy having an awesome campin' trip with these awesome people!

My two favorite babes in the world came, my best friend (middle), & my little sister! (right)  We all spent our days at the beach, and our nights in the woods! 

Went swimmin, sand castle makin, drinkin & wiffle ball playin on the beach in the beginning of Cape Cod!

Only downside to this trip was right after this lovely family photo, my friends yanked me out with all their man strength from the sand & I heard a loud POP, that was my ankle.  It felt okay until the next day when it blew up and swelled and now it hurts to turn.  OH WELL.  Worth it.

Almost got kicked out on our last night from being loud & obnoxious until the sun came up.  We had faced our tents together like a little two part tent home & couldn't stop laughing & giggling until the park man came down & yelled at us to stop "laughing like chickens with our heads cut off!"

I ALSO have been lax on updating because I'm moving (Yes, again!) in 9 days!  To Boston, MA & I couldn't be more pumped.  My apartment costs a lot more for a lot less space but it makes up for it in that there are things to do, and many friends around to hang out with!

Soooooo I'll probably be doing another moving sale within the next few days.  Won't be getting rid of as much stuff as before but there will be a good amount.

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