Plush You! LA & other work


Finished my monsters for the Plush You! show opening TOMORROW NIGHT! in Los Angeles!  More info about the show here:  I wanted to make three but I spent so much time on the big yellow guy I ran out of time :(
He's got six eyes, and little felt flowers on the front, back & a few on the tentacles.
He's haaaauuuuge!  Biggest monstroctopus I've made so far I think. (:

& here's some other custom orders I've done recently!
Two Nannerpuses with pancakes!  I also put them up as made to order in my shop, and you can get as many pancakes as you want with it!

Love yeti!  Requested for a wedding present for Laura of PronouncedYou based off of her yeti character. :)

Two koalas!  Both requested at around the same time by different people.  Top one was for a "Sleepy blue love koala" & the one at the bottom is for an "evil drop bear koala"
I saved the pattern for them so I'm also taking custom orders if you wish! :)

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LOL! Evil drop bear koala is hilarious!

It's PERFECT! I knew you'd do an awesome job on the drop bear, but this is more than I could have dreamed! Thanks so much :3

I have to say, I love the big yellow monstroctopus. He's adorable.

And I made my husband watch nannerpus so he would get why I was singing the song and pointing at my computer. :P

Your work remains to be just so cute :) I love seeing what you'll come up with next. I know my little monster is one of the most prized items on my desk :)

I love the koalas!! They are so cool!!

luv the sleepy blue love koala

i want to order the koala with the blood dripping out of its mouth. but i cant figure out exactly how to do that.

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