Newborns, Brumbo, ALOT, and a lot more!


 New new new newwww stuff!
 Brumbo the Bumblebee Kid!
Been wanting to make a Bumblebee kid for awhile, finally found the time!
Brumbo's favorite thing in the world, is the bumblebee. Unlike most children who run or scream when a bee is near the, Brumbo is fascinated. He loves their color, and how they look fuzzy and soft. Every year he demands to be a bumblebee for Halloween, and refuses to be anything else.
Up for grabs here!

 Custom Beanie pair!  Made to look like a couple whose anniversary is coming up.  If you'd like your own pair, contact me!

 8 new newborns for the shop! :D

Custom order for SqueakySun! Based off of her octopus illustration.

 An ALOT.  I like this alot.  The Alot is from the blog Hyperbole & a half!  Here! 

Two pairs of earrings now on my shop on SALE as two for one!
Get both pairs for the price of one pair of monster earrings. :)

Also, please leave a comment on this post if you have any suggestions for things I should make in the future!  Remade versions of an old design you liked, or something new I've never done before that you'd like to see!

Thanks! <3

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Please tell me the Alot will be up for sale at some point!

That one went to a new home but I can always remake him :)

naww, an Alot!!! an Alot is also on the top of my to-sew list (as in: I sew Alot .. haha)but yours looks so perfect, everything I'd make now would look alot like crap ;) !

I sent you an email about ordering an Alot. I would really love one!!! Thank you!

I hope you're aware of the potential of your Alot of Plush. You should definitely contact Allie of Hyperbole and a Half to make sure she's okay with you making and selling more of these. You would sell as many of them as you could make.

I WANT THIS ALOT!! Or an Alot like him :) How many monies?

Nice Alot.

I would also really love to purchase an Alot from you.

I love it a lot!

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I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it.

Please tell me how I can buy an Alot! You can hit me up via my email I desperately want a plush Alot <3

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I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE a plush Alot, and yours is exactly the one I have been looking for. Literally I saw the picture and have been scouring google to find out where he came from so I could get my hands on one.

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