Today has been full of a lot of sewing....

& a lot of packing!  (This isn't all I've done, haha)
My mom, Dave's dad, and two friends are coming up soon all to help us move our stuff out to our new temporary summer home with our friend Dan in MA!  We put off packing for a biiiiit too long and we're down to the last few days to get everything boxed up.

While packing things away I found some old work I wanted to offer up for anybody who was interested!  Sorry about the crappy photos, I am kind of in a rush for the next few days....

The deal is the same with my last post...
I can only do PAYPAL for these, as I'm moving to a new address so I can't wait for snail mail payments to come.
You can send the amount to my Paypal email at, and specify what you'd like.  I can combine shipping for multiple things, and give you a refund for the difference.  If you need help using Paypal to send money you can also email me above & I will help you!

Prices include shipping!
Click photos to see larger.

Blue Monster- SOLD.
Beastie Bear- SOLD.
Red Girl- $6 US/Canada, $7 International
Unicorn- SOLD
(OR $30 for all US, $35 International)

All Plaques- $5 each US, $7 International
Top Left, Top Right, & Bottom Right SOLD.
(OR $18 for all US, $25 International)

Thanks so much to everyone who's helping me lighten up my load, I'd really feel bad throwing away any of this work or any of my supplies.  If you haven't already check my second most recent post for other supplies I'm selling!

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where the heck am I supposed to dib something. Anywhoodles. 5 dollars at nellies party, pink unicorn. you know the deal.
Did you notice how I neatly organized all those things in the basket upstairs?

hahaha i didnt, sorry annie, i never go in those rooms. ill reserve it for you annizzle, if i remember to bring it with me to CT hah

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